Malmö CDs out now

NF CDs out now
Iceland - Icelands 12 preselection songs are released on the CD Söngvakeppnin 2013.
Norway - After initially announcing there would be no CD a new record company came to the rescue and the CD with all 21 songs is out now.
Denmark - 10 national final songs and their karaoke versions are on CD out now.
Finland - The UMK CD has all Finnish participants of the 2013 New Music competition.
Hungary - All 30 songs are released on a 2CD on Februari 14.
Sweden - CD with 32 Melodifestivalen songs out now
For details on the official Malmö 2CD go here.

cdsingles in the shops
This list only includes cdsingles officially released, details on promo's will be in each countries post.
Germany - No CD album of the national final, but 10 out of 12 NF entries have now been released on cdsingle  For more details and tracklists see our facebook message of 11-2.
One of the German cdsingles is the winner Glorious by Cascada, which is the first cdsingle of 2013.
Netherlands - Anouks cdsingle out now
Sweden - cdsingle out since March 22, comes in a 7"inch sleeve. MF #2 Yohio also has a cdsingle out.
U.K. - Bonnie's cdsingle out in Germany
Estonia - cdsingle out May 3, has five versions.
The week of June 14 sees the release of Denmarks cdsingle.
Cyprus' entry was released on an official cdsingle

CD Albums
With the decline of the number of cdsingles officially released, it's good to see that many 2013 stars are at least having an album out. Here's a list of those with a new CD including their Eurovision entry.
Austria - Debut album for Natália Kelly
Netherlands - Anouk's Sad Singalong Songs, also on LP
U.K. - Bonnie's album has already been out in Germany before the contest
Spain - ESDM revisit some of their old stuff and their NF songs
Finland - Krista's album is titled Ding Dong
Greece - the Koza MostrasCD  include a 6 minute version of the Alcohol song.
Denmark - Debut album for Emmelie De Forest
Germany - Greatest hits CD for Cascada includes acoustic Glorious
Italy - Marco Mengoni's album is essential.
Switzerland - Takasa will be releasing a CD with Salvation Army musicians from all over Europe
Latvia - PeRs 2012 album has Here We Go.
Sweden - Robin Stjernberg releases his album Pieces, CD out on june 26.
Israel - Moran Mazors album includes a new version of Rak Bishvilo

Albums by Ryan Dolan (Ireland) and Valentina Monetta have so far only been released digitally.
Roberto from Belgium adds his Eurovision song to the digital version of his 2012 album.

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San Marino - Crisalide (Vola) - Valentina Monetta

11 - 47 pts in semi 2

San Marino TV announced that Valentina Monetta would represent the country again in Eurovision.
And again it's a song by Ralph Siegel, this time with lyrics (in Italian) by Mauro Balestri. The song is titled Crisalide (Vola) (Chrysalis ((it) flies)), nicely tying in with the butterfly theme / logo SVT have created for the 2013 contest.

The song and video was premiered on March 15. Watch and listen here at Valentina's Youtube.
iTunes and other sources have the Italian version and karaoke already for sale.

The song has also been released in English as Chrysalis (You'll Be Flying). The English lyrics are by Mauro Balestri and Jim Leary.
Check out the digital 4 track release here at Amazon. and iTunes

A promo cds in an 8 inch fold out sleeve has been issued.
It has both the Italian and English version plus their karaokes.
The disc also has both videos, photos and info (needs adobe reader) (Jupiter / Sony Music)

Crisalide (Vola) - Original Italian
Crisalide (Vola) - Karaoke (is actually instrumental)
Chrysalis (You'll Be Flying) - English
Chrysalis (You'll Be Flying) - English Karaoke
- all on digital release and promo cds
Crisalide (Vola) - Radio Pop Version
Crisalide (Vola) - Radio Jazz
Crisalide (Vola) - Dance version
Chrysalis (You'll Be Flying) - Radio Pop version
Chrysalis (You'll Be Flying) - Radio Jazz
Chrysalis (You'll Be Flying) - Dance version
- all digital releases

Remixes have now been released on iTunes.
The 8 track digital releases includes the ESC version, Radio Pop Version, Radio Jazz and Dance version of the Italian and the English version.
Update: The same 8 tracks (original, English and six remixes) have also been released on a promo cdsingle (Jupiter/Eurosong records)

La Storia Di Valentina Monetta
Update: Valentina Monetta released her album La Storia Di Valentina Monetta .
German CD release on Sony / Jupiter (88883 75040 2)
It features eight versions of the 2013 Eurovision song and also includes the 2012 effort in two versions.
The first five tracks are from her 2011 album Il Mio Giocco Preferito.
To complete the lot there's are live Jazz version of I'll Follow The Sunshine* and the Chet baker classic My Funny Valentine.
Special thanks to Jupiter Records.

Full tracklist
1 Una giomata belissima
2 L’amore verrà
3 Diabada jazz
4 Di mia propietà
5 Think about
6 My Funny Valentine (Live Jazz Version)
7 The Social Network Song (oh-oh-uh-oh-oh) (Live Jazz Version)
8 Facebook (uh oh oh) (Euroclub-version)
9 I’ll Follow The Sunshine *
10 Crisalide (Vola) (Original Version)
11 Chrysalis (You’ll Be Flying) (English Dance Version)
12 Crisalide (Vola) (Jazz Version)
13 Chrysalis (You’ll Be Flying) (English Radio-Pop-Version)
14 Chrysalis (You’ll Be Flying) (English Radio-Jazz-Version)
15 Crisalide (Vola) (Radio-Pop-Version)
16 Chrysalis (You’ll Be Flying) (Original English Version)
17 Crisalide (Vola) (Dance Version)

I'll Follow The Sunshine is a coverversion of a song from the Malta Song semi final in 2011. It's (also) written by Ralph Siegel but didn't make it to the Maltese final.

Valentina entered last year in Baku with the much talked about Social Network Song, but failed to qualify. That song was also written by Eurovision veteran Ralph Siegel (with Tom Terrific and José Rodrigues).
Update: It is also highly likely that we'll see Valentina Monetta on 2014, as a pre-announcement was made that she and Siegel will team up again for the contest in Denmark.
Fact fans: Every artist with three consecutive Eurovision participations has won one of them. Lys Assia (Switzerland 1956-1958) won on her first try, Corry Brokken on her second (Netherlands 1956-1958) and Udo Jürgens on his third (Austria 1964 - 1966).

Ralph Siegel
For composer Ralph Siegel it's his 21st Eurovision entry. He co-wrote 12 entries for Germany, three for Luxembourg and one for Switzerland, Montenegro and now the 2nd for San Marino.
His best result is of course Ein Bisschen Frieden by Nicole penned with Bernd Meinunger, the winner of the 1982 contest and a #1 hit in many European countries.
Other highlights are Dschinghis Khan by Dschinghis Khan (4th in 1979), Theater by Katja Ebstein (2nd in 1980), Johnny Blue by Lena Valaitis (2nd in 1981), Lass Die Sonne In Dein Herz by Wind (2nd in 1987) and Wir Geben 'Ne Party by Mekado (3rd in 1994).

Links and sources:
SMTV Eurovision news in Italian and English
Valentina Monetta website and FB
Thanks to Jean-François.
Special thanks to Jupiter Records
Thanks to STHLM MIX

San Marino’s recent Eurovision entries
2011 - Senit

Estonia - Et Uus Saaks Alguse - Birgit Õigemeel

cd single
20 - 19 pts / 10 - 52 pts in semi 1
The ballad Et Uus Saaks Alguse (A new beginning) by Birgit Õigemeel represented Estonia in Malmö.
The song is written by Mikhel Mattisen and Silvia Soro.

The song was performed in Estonian at Eurovision .
Spanish, English Russian and Swedish versions are recorded (see versions).
You can listen to the new Eurovision version here at ERR
The Eurovision version and 4 language versions have also been released on cdsingle in Estonia.
(ERR 4742252002956)

The original longer version of the song has been available through digital sources in Estonia (like Muusika 24) but seems to be replaced by the short Eurovision version now.

Uus Algus
In december 2013 Birgit released her album Uus Algus. It includes the Eurovision entry and also a duet with Ott Lepland, Estonia's 2012 Eurovision star. See full tracklist below
You can buy the CD through Birgits website. There you'll also links to the itunes version.
(Enjoy Entertainment)

Et Uus Saaks Alguse - Eurovision version
- on ETV website and official Malmö 2CD
Et Uus Saaks Alguse - National final Edit
- as on the ETV website
Et Uus Saaks Alguse - original longer version
- digital release
Et Uus Saaks Alguse - Karaoke version
- official karaoke collection (digital release)
Volver A Empezar - Spanish version lyrics by Stanislav Bluganin)
Allting Börjar Om - Swedish version (lyrics by Sofia Joons and Jonas Nyberg)
New Way To Go - English version (lyrics by Mikhel Mattisen and Mart Sander)
Светлое начало / Svetloye nachalo - Russian version (lyrics by Tanja Mihailova)
- Listen to the language versions here at Indrek Sarraps Youtube. Also digital releases

Tracklist Uus Algus
1. Olen loodud rändama
2. Et uus saaks alguse
3. Nii täiuslik see
4. Lendame valguskiirusel
5. Meie naer
6. Igatsus
7. Kolm kuud
8. Nähtamatult
9. Pea meeles head (with Ott Lepland)
10. Elades hetkes
11. Hingerahu

Eesti Laul
ETV has uploaded the songs from the 2013 Eesti laul. You can still listen to the songs here.

Some songs were already doing well in various Estonian charts before the final, most notably Meil On Aega Veel by Põhja-Tallinn and the eventual winner Et Uus Saaks Alguse by Birgit Õigemeel.

Birgit Õigemeel shot to fame in Estonia by winning the first edition of Estonia's Superstar talentshow Eesti Otsib Superstaari in 2007. She has since released three albums (including a christmas album).
Et Uus Saaks Alguse is Õigemeels 3rd attempt to get to Eurovision.
2008: 365 Days - 3rd place
2012: You're Not Alone (with Violina) - 7th place

links and sources
ETV / ERR Eurovision pages
Birgit Õigemeel FB

Estonia's recent entries:
2012 - Ott Lepland
2011 - Getter Jaani
2009 - Urban Symphony

France - L'enfer et moi - Amandine Bourgeois

23 -14 pts / not in semi
France is represented in Malmö by Amandine Bourgeois with the song L'Enfer Et Moi written by Boris Bergman and David Salkin.

The official video has been released. Watch and listen here at France 3.
The song is now available at iTunes. A 1-track promo cds has been issued.

L'Enfer Et Moi
- on the official Malmö 2CD, promo cds
L'Enfer Et Moi - karaoke
- on the official karaoke collection (digital release)

New Etoile
Amandine Bourgeois is known for her victory in 2008 talent show Nouvelle Star.
Since then she has released two albums: 20m2 from 2009 and Sans Amour Mon Amour (2012)

In recent years lyricist Boris Bergman is probably best known for his work with Bashung, but he also has two Eurovision Monegasque entries in his portfoloio.
1973: Un Train Qui Part by Marie and 1975: Une Chanson C'est Une Lettre by Sophie, with music written by none less than André Popp.
Bergmans biggest hit is Aphrodites Child's Rain And Tears for which he wrote the English text. Bergman also wrote lyrics for Dalida (the infamous Darla Dirladada), Juliette Gréco and Eurovision stars Nana Mouskouri, France Gall and Patrick Juvet.

links and sources:
Amandine Bourgeois website and FB
Listen to some of Amandines songs at her MySpace
Melodi Festivalen Genom Tiderna (1999 book by Leif Thorsson, my guide to ESC songs and their composers)

Check out these French Eurovision stars and their releases.
2012 - Anggun
2011 - Amaury Vassili
2010 - Jessy Matador
2009 - Patricia Kaas

Armenia - Lonely Planet - Dorians

18 - 41 pts / 7 - 69 pts in semi 2
Armenia will be represented by Gor Sujyan (Գոռ Սուջյան), leadsinger of rock band Dorians.
Update: A small change has been made, it's Dorians for Malmö now, since the band is already Gor's band on the Eurovision stage, the act will go by the bands name.

The song Lonely Planet is chosen out of four in a preselection show on March 2, all songs were performed by Gor Sujyan.
The song is written by Tony Iommi and Vardan Zadoyan.

Pic from Dorians Facebook
The studio version / video can now be enjoyed at the Dorians Youtube.
A remix by Arman Pahlevanyan (Dorians keyboardist)  can be heard here ar Dorians Youtube

Lonely Planet
- on the official Malmö 2CD
Lonely Planet - Karaoke
- on the official karaoke collection (digital release)
Lonely Planet - Remix by Arman Pahlevanyan
- On Dorians Youtube, promo cds

A promo cds includes issued by AMPTV has all three versions.
The order on the sleeve is different from the disc, which mixes up the karaoke and original. (So it starts with the karaoke version).
Beware: Fakes are being offered on e-bay

pic from ARMTV
Tony Iommi is the guitarist of British heavy metal band Black Sabbath. Dorians had met Iommy a few years ago working together on a charity concert.
Vardan Zadoyan co-wrote the lyrics to the 2009 Armenian entry Jan Jan by Inga and Anush.

The most recent release of Dorians is their album Fly from 2011. Gor Sujyan has not released any solo material yet.
He was a backing vocalist for Eva Rivas in 2010 (Apricot Stone)

links and sources:
ARMTV Eurovision pages in Armenian and English
New Dorians website in English. Armenian and Russian versions will be online soon
Gor Sujyan FB, Dorians FB
Thanks to Lior and Tom (for the pic)

Find out about Armenia's recent entries
No participation in 2012
2011 - Emmy
2010 - Eva Rivas
2009 - Inga and Anush

Moldova - O Mie - Aliona Moon

Pic from Aliona's Facebook
11 - 71 pts
4 - 95 pts in semi 1
Aliona Moon (Aliona Munteanu) won Moldova's three-round national selection, O Melodie Pentru Europa 2013.
The winning song is titled A Million. It's written by Pasha Parfeny, last years Moldovan singer (Lăutar). Lyrics are by Yuliana Scutari and Serghei Legheida.

But it was decided that the song will be performed in its Romanian version O Mie at the contest.
The Romanian lyrics are by Yuliana Scutari (only)
Less is more: O Mie translates as one thousand rather than a million.

Aliona Moon (Aliona Monteanu) was a backing vocalist for Pasha Parfeny in the Baku contest, with O Mie Pasha is her composer and the man behind the piano.

You can listen to A Million here at Pasha Parfeny's Youtube
Here is O Mie, the Romanian version of the song.

1st promo
O Mie - Eurovision version in Romanian
- videoclip version (Eurovision version) has some differences in instrumentation from the original. It is this version that was used as backing in Malmö. On 2nd promo. 
O Mie - Eurovision version in English
- on 2nd promo.
O Mie - Original Romanian version
- on official Malmö 2CD, first promo
A Million - Original English version
- first promo,  both original versions can be heard at Pasha's Youtube.
O Mie - karaoke (actually instrumental)
- on the official karaoke collection (digital release)

2nd promo, pics from Rate Your Music
An early promo cds has both the Romanian and English versions of the song.

A 2nd promo (cdrom) in fold out sleeve, used in Malmö, has the Eurovision version and English with Eurovision arrangement plus video, photos and info.

Thanks to Roy.

The Moldovan selection was a new format for TRM. Songs and artists were entered seperately. 24 artists had to pick a song from 60 selected entries. (Although some have had their own song chosen).
The songs have been available at the TRM site but it seems they are gone now.

pic from Pasha's FB
Pasha Parfeny
A Million is Pasha's fifth Moldovan selection entry. He appeared four times as a singer, the fourth time resulting in Lăutar, winning at home and ending 11th in the Baku final.
In 2007 he didn´t make it past the Moldovan national semi´s  with Steaua Mea (My star) as Pavel Parfeny.
In 2010 You Should Like did much better, he ended 2nd in the final. 
In 2011 he performed Dorule and ended third.
Pasha Parfeny is a former singer of the Sunstroke Project but had already left the band when they entered Eurovision in 2010.
More on Pasha Parfeny and Lăutar here at the Baku Collection.

Links and sources:
TRM - Moldovan TV
Aliona Moon FB
Pasha Parfeny FB
Thanks to Yuliana Scutaru at Lautar MD
Thanks to Lior and Nigel

Moldova's entries from the recent past.
2012 - Pasha Parfeny
2011 - Zdob Si Zdub

Hungary - Kedvesem - ByeAlex

10 - 84 pts / 8 - 66 pts in semi 2

ByeAlex won the final of A dal 2013 in Hungary. With Kedvesem (Dear or Sweatheart) he will represent Hungary in Malmö.
ByeAlex (Alex Márta or Márta Alex in Hungary) wrote the song himself.

The version used in the Hungarian selection is the Zoohacker remix.
The official video of the original version is here at CLS youtube
You can find the lyrics here at Zeneszöveg.
Zoohacker is Zoltán Palásti Kovács, DJ and founder of the Zoohacker Remake Orchestra.

Another remix out now is the Lotfi Begi's Deep in The Forrest mix, made by Benham Lotfi of Compact Disco.
A version of Kedvesem (Zoohacker remix) with a refrain in Swedish has also been released. have updated their Kedvesem digital release with the latest versions, It will be released on iTunes too.
The English version is titled One 4 Me and the lyrics are written by Johnny K. Palmer. It can be heard here.
The first English version has the original (acoustic) arrangement. Zoohacker and the Lofti remix will follow.
You can listen to a taster of the remix here at Lotfi's Soundscloud.
The version with Swedish refrain can be listened here. and downloaded here.

Please note that the 1-track cdsingle with the Lotfi remix offered through Amazon and e-Bay is a cd-r made by request. Source is undisclosed, better burn one yourself and save some money.

Blink and you'll miss it
There is a minor difference in the Zoohacker remix that was released first at CLS and the one that ended up on the official Malmö CD. It's just a difference in the guitar strum at 0:05 and 1:23.
To find a difference this miniscule, you got to have a perfect hearing like Lior, thanks and very well spotted!

Szörpoholista, the album
December 2013: ByeAlex finally released an album, Szörpoholista.
Both the CD and digital versions include three versions of Kedvesem. see full tracklist below.
(Universal music Hungary). The CD is out in Hungary, the digital release is available through all main digital stores.
Special thanks to Jean-François.

Kedvesem - 2nd Zoohacker remix
- on the Malmö official release
Kedvesem 2nd Zoohacker karaoke (is actually instrumental)
- on the official karaoke collection (digital release),  free download at Keep Calm and ByeAlex
Kedvesem - first Zoohacker Remix
- this is the version used in the A Dal NF and on the A Dal 2CD
Kedvesem - original version
Kedvesem - (first) Zoohacker instrumental
Kedvesem - Lotfi Begi's Deep in The Forrest mix
Kedvesem - Zoohacker Remix with Swedish Refrain
- Above five on CLS digital release at Zenewebshop.
One for Me - English with original arrangement
One for Me - English, Zoohacker remix
One for Me - English Lotfi Begi's Deep in The Forrest mix
- English versions release forthcoming, no trace yet of the original and Lotfi English versions though.
 itunese-music also have some of the versions

Netherlands sales top 100: 35
German top 100: 39
Switzerland top 75: 40
Austria top 75: 59
Kedvesem also charts in various charts in Hungary and Lithuania.

2014: A coverversion by Eisenhauer was released in Germany. It's sung in English and is titled One For Me. The track is released as a cdsingle with four versions.
One For Me - single version
One For Me - Thomas Lizzara mix
One For Me - "One Love" remix
One For Me - Karaoke
Out on Rhingtön (Universal Music), also your usual digital releases.
Watch the video here at Vimeo
Thanks to Ivor Lyttle.

For a coverversion by Swedish Eurovision singer Jan Johansen (ESC 1995)  recorded for his wife go to this Eurocovers post.
2014: An official coverversion in Swedis is titled Blundar Nu and it's recorded by Mona Ersare.
Listen here (youtube), ou soon.

tracklist Szörpoholista
1. Kedvesem (this is the first version)
2. Nekemte
3. Láttamoztam
4. Csóró itt minden hang
5. Bocs, hogy feat. Ív
6. Messziről
7. Csókolom
8. Elvis(z)
9. Az én rózsám
10. Te vagy (John The Valiant feat. ByeAlex)
11. Játék (Soerii & Poolek feat. ByeAlex)
12. Kedvesem (Zoohacker remix) (don't know if it's the 1st or 2nd Zoohacker)
13. Kedvesem (Lotfi Begi’s Deep in the Forest Mix)
14. Láttamoztam feat. Zéessó (Kristian remix)
15. A fekete zongora (Ady Endre verse)

A Dal 2013
MTV (Hungarian television) uploaded all songs from the Hungarian selection A Dal 2013 here.
You'll have to click each individiual video to listen to the songs, 30 in all.
Hungary's selection had 6 rounds with the final on March 2.

A Dal 2013 CD
All 30 songs are released on a double CD.
The songs will appear in order of performance.
(MTVA). Release date is Februari 14.
More info (in Hungarian) at Bookline

A digital collection of 12 songs has been released by Sony: Eurovíziós Dalfesztivál 2013 - A Sony Music Jelöltjei. The collection also includes a few songs that didn't make it to the final 30.
Check it out at Amazon.

Links and sources
MTV Video pages
ByeAlex FB
Special thanks to László Pap at CLS
Keep Calm and ByeAlex pages with some downloads
Eurovision Hungary FB
Thanks to Lior

Find out about Hungary's recent entries
2012 - Compact Disco, Disco Compact
2011 - Wolf Kati, Kati Wolf
2010 - no entry
2009 - Ádok Zoli, Zoli Ádok

Germany - Glorious - Cascada

cdsingle picture sleeve
21 - 18 pts / not in semi

Cascada won the German final Unser Song für Malmö with the song Glorious.
The cdsingle is already out in Germany. It has two versions of Glorious:
Glorious - video edit
Glorious - extended mix
out on Zeitgeist / Universal (0602537295883)
The same two tracks can be found on the French cdsingle (Happy Music HAP 420-2)

A digital release has six versions of Glorious, out on iTunes on March 24.
1. Glorious  (3:27)
2. Glorious  - Extended Mix (4:42)
3. Glorious  - David May Radio Edit (3:27)
4. Glorious  - David May Remix  (4:26)
5. Glorious  - Ryan Thistlebeck Radio Edit (3:05)
6. Glorious  - Ryan Thistlebeck Remix (4:39)
Initially the digital release featured the Ryan Thislebeck mixes twice instead of the David May remixes. This is now correct, but if you bought it early, you've been had. cdsingle release please!

A Swedish promo cd on the Catchy Tunes label has four versions:
1. Glorious  - Video edit
2. Glorious  - Ryan Thistlebeck Radio Edit
3. Glorious  - Extended Mix
4. Glorious  - Ryan Thistlebeck Remix 

Best of Casada CD sleeve
Best Of Cascada
A Greatest Hits album is out on March 29. The 17 track release The Best Of Cascada  includes Glorious (Video edit) and Glorious (Acoustic version).
(Zoo digital / Universal).

Cascada and Robin
On November 1 Cascada released an album with acoustic tracks titled Acoustic Sessions.
It includes the acoustic version of her own entry Glorious but also a duet with Robin Stjernberg's of his entry You. (Zooland records)
The album is out now through Amazon, iTunes, CD expected November 2nd.

Germany top 100: 36, 6, 23, 29, 43, 52, 55, 61, 82, 94, 97, -, re: 78, 33, 81
Austria top 75: 49, 29, 55, 71, 74, -, re: 64
Switzerland top 75: 56, -
Ireland top 100: 94

Glorious - Eurovision edit
- on the official Malmö 2013 releases
The arrangement used in Eurovision differs from any released version.
Glorious - Video edit (3:27)
Glorious - Extended Mix (4:42)
- both on German cds
Glorious - David May Radio Edit (3:27)
Glorious - David May Remix  (4:26)
Glorious - Ryan Thistlebeck Radio Edit (3:05)
Glorious - Ryan Thistlebeck Remix (4:39)
- above remixes on digital release
Glorious - Acoustic version
- on  CD The Best Of Cascada and on CD Acoustic Sessions
Glorious - Karaoke
- on the official karaoke collection (digital release)
Glorious - Supasound Remix
Glorious - Rudedog Remix

- Rudedog remix also on DJ CD Dance Mixes 85.
Glorious - Femme Bot Dub

Glorious - N-Vision Remix
- Above four have not been confirmed as official but have appeared on tracklist.

South African singer Colé van Dais teamed up with Lia Chabane and recorded a coverversion in Afrikaans and Tsonga. It can be found on the 2018 album Colé and Friends.

Find out all about this album here at Eurocovers.

Who Is Cascada Band?
Even though we only get the singer on the record sleeces, Cascada is a trio. Singer Nathalie Horler, DJ Manian and Yan Peifer. They have been making dance music for almost a decade and have an impressive list of international hits on their name.
Debut single Miracle (2004) was already a hit in many countries, including #1 in France a top 10 hit in the U.K..
Everytime We Touch (2005) did eveb better and got Cascada in the US top 10. After a few more decent hits they released Evacuate The Dancefloor in 2007. This became their biggest hit to date, even going #1 in the U.K.. The band continued to do well in the German speaking countries, but now it's up to Glorious to get Cascada back on the world map.
Cascada have released five albums including 2012's Christmas collection It's Christmas Time.

Unser Song für Malmö releases
You can still listen to the songs participating in the German selection for Malmö.
Here is a list of contestants, if you go to each individual page you can listen to the song.
Many of the songs are released on cdsingle, CD album and of course through digital sources.
Most cdsingles are now available at BeaRecords

For a detailed list of the cdsingle releases of the German contenders (nine are released on cdsingle) please check our facebook article of 11-2.

links and sources
NDR Eurovision pages
Cascada Website and FB
Cascada at BeaRecords
Thanks to Frank Ehrlich at Blue Art Event

Germany's recent entries
2012 - Roman Lob
2011 - Lena
2010 - Lena Meyer Landrut
2009 - Alex Swings, Oscar Sings

Norway - I Feed You My Love - Margaret Berger

digital release image
4 - 191 pts / 3 - 120 pts in semi 2
I Feed You My Love by Margaret Berger is the winner of the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix, the 21 song competition to select the Malmö entry.
I Feed You My Love is written by Karin Park, Robin Lynch and Niklas Olovson.

Watch the promo video at Macho Records Youtube channel.

Several remixes have been released.
A 3-track remix pack is out through Amazon digital. The Jay Hardway mix is out through iTunes. Don't know if these are exclusive to these sellers yet, we'll keep you posted. The Volume One subtitle suggests that there is more to come.
The remixes also seem available through some streaming thingy's, but you'll have to find that out for yourself.

Two further versions: the extended version and Macho Collective remix are also available at iTunes and Wimp.
All are out through Macho Records.

After some patchy digital releases a new official digital release combines six versions of the song plus two videos. Out on May 10 at Amazon and itunes.
Universal Germany also mentions a cdsingle to be released on May 10, but I haven't seen any confirmation yet.

Another mix, the Super8 remix, can be heard through Macho Records youtube.

New digital release has:
I Feed You My Love - original version
I Feed You My Love - Macho Collective remix
I Feed You My Love - Robin Low remix Two*
I Feed You My Love - Jay Hardway remix
I Feed You My Love - Dan Miles and Di Ferro remix Two*
I Feed You My Love - Torus Flow Remix
+ video of National final
+ official videoclip
* I don't know why the Robin Low and Dan Miles/Di Ferro remixes are called remix Two. It seems the running times are the same as the first released versions of these remixes. More as soon as I know....

Blind Zebra
US knobtwiddlers Blind Zebra have released a new mix of I Feed You My Love in november. (out
The Ultra Records digital release is available through Beatport, digi shop for DJs and the like.

I Feed You My Love - original version
- on CD MGP 2013, Malmö 2CD 
I Feed You My Love - Robin Low remix
I Feed You My Love - Torus Flow Remix
I Feed You My Love - Dan Miles and Di Ferro remix
- above three mixes on digital release Remix pack Volume One (amazon)
I Feed You My Love - Jay Hardway remix
- digital release, iTunes
I Feed You My Love - Extended
I Feed You My Love - Macho Collective remix
- above two versions on iTunes digital release
I Feed You My Love - Super8 remix
- on Macho Records youtube
I Feed You My Love - Karaoke
- on official karaoke collection (digital release)
I Feed You My Love - Blind Zebra remix
- digital, available at Beatport
A promo EPK (cdrom) with audio (original and karaoke as wave files) video, radio ID's and info is issued.

Margaret Berger is currently working on her 3rd album, working title is Chastisement and it will undoubtedly include I Feed You My Love. The album will be out on Sony.

Margaret Berger became known to the Norwegian public in 2004 when she ended second in the 2nd series of Idol (remember Idol?)
She released her debut album Chameleon in the same year.
Her second album Pretty Scary Silver Fairy spawned two top 20 hits: Samantha and Will You Remember Me Tomorrow.
Both albums have reached the top 10 of the Norwegian album charts.

Her 3rd album Chastisement, including the Eurovision entry and the previous single In A Box is expected to be released in May.

You can listen to several tracks at Margarets MySpace.

The songwriters:
Robin Lynch and Niklas Olovson are producers/songwriters duo Machopsycho. They have written and produced songs for Pink, Justin Timberlake, Vanessa Amorosi, Esmee Denters, Cher, Kelly Rowland, Joss Stone, Jessica Simpson, the Backstreet Boys and Dutch singer Ilse De Lange (Most of her Incredible album). The duo also founded Macho Records, Margaret Bergers current record label.
Karin Park is a Swedish singer/songwriter of the electronic variety. She has released four albums of which Highwire Poetry (2012) is the most recent.

Norwegian top 20: 12, 4, 20, -, re: 11, 16, -
Sweden top 60: 33, 38, 60, -
Ireland top 100: 54, -
Netherlands sales top 100: 49, -
UK top 100: 80, -
German top 100: 24, 57, 68
Austria top 75: 51, -
Switzerland top 75: 26, -
Denmark top 40: 36, -

MGP 2013
NRK selected the entry for Malmö in the 4-week Melodi Grand Prix. Three weeks with seven songs each with the top three going through to the final.

Each heats' songs became available through Norwegian iTunes a few days before the heat took place.
NRK pages also have links to listen to the songs through sources which you have to register for (Spotify, Wimp or iTunes, blegh...)

It turns out there will be a CD after all (after announcement that it wasn't) . The album is released on Februari 1 on a new record label:  DaWorks (DACD649).
Thanks to Nissim.

links and sources
NRK Melodi Grand Prix pages.
Margarets MySpace. and FB
Machopsycho website
Karin Park Website

Norways recent entries
2012 - Tooji
2011 - Stella Mwangi
2010 - Didrik Solli Tangen
2009 - Alexander Rybak

Sweden - You - Robin Stjernberg

14 - 62 pts / not in semi
promo set
The home entry for the Malmö contest is You by Robin Stjernberg.
The song is written by Robin Stjernberg, Linnea Deb, Joy Deb and Joakim Harestad Haukaas.
It's the first time a song proceeding from the Andra Chansen (second chance) round in MF won the title.

You is released on cdsingle on the Lionheart label, it includes the original version and karaoke. (MLCDS -0183). The cds comes in a limited edition 7"inch sleeve.
The promo kit used in Malmö has a cdsingle features the original and acoustic versions plus a disc with videos, photos and info.

Of course the song is also available at you favorite digitessen.
An acoustic version (named Piano version) is released and is available at digital stores like iTunes.
Watch the acoustic video at Robin's Vevo.

digital release image
You - original
- cdsingle, Malmö 2CD
You - Piano version (acoustic)
- promo cds. digital release
You - Karaoke
- cdsingle, official karaoke collection
You - Alex Sayz remix edit
You - Soundfactory radio remix
You - Benji of Sweden Radio remix
You - Alex Sayz remix extended
You - Soundfactory Club remix
You - Benji of Sweden Extended remix
You - Soundfactory Dub remix
- remixes digital at iTunes
You - Acoustic version with Cascada
- Cascada CD Acoustic Sessions

Update: Robin's Remixes have now been released at iTunes
You - Alex Sayz remix edit listen at Alex Says Youtube
You - Soundfactory radio remix listen at Scandipop
You - Benji of Sweden Radio remix
You - Alex Sayz remix extended
You - Soundfactory Club remix
You - Benji of Sweden Extended remix
You - Soundfactory Club remix

For The Better EP
You can also be found on the new digital EP For The Better, a taster release before the album.
Next to the Eurovision entry it includes last years singles Scars and On My Mind and new songs For The Better, Rule The World and Beautiful. 
Release date is April 24 (Lionheart records)

Pieces CD
Update: A real new album (also on CD) will be released on June 26. It includes You and 11 other tracks. All tracks from the digital For The Better EP are included. Also includes new single Crime.
Tracklist below. (Lionheart Universal UNI-LHICD 0156)

Robin and Cascada
On November 1 Cascada released an album with acoustic tracks titled Acoustic Sessions.
It includes the acoustic version of her own entry Glorious but also a duet version of Robin's entry You.  (Zooland records)
The album is out now through Amazon, iTunes, CD expected November 2nd.

You entered the Swedish charts at 51, going up to #5 in the charts the day before the MF final. It's #1 in the third week on the top 60. A Gold disc was awarded in the 4th week on the charts, Platinum in the 6th and double platinum in the 7th. Update:  Triple platinum was awarded in june, when You was 16 weeks on chart.
Swedish top 60: 51, 5, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 5, 8, 10, 10, 6, 18, 22, 19, 29, 37, 41, 47, 57, 60
Ireland top 100: 31, -
Netherlands sales top 100: 42, -
UK top 100: 72, -
Germany top 100: 58, -
Austria top 75: 61, -

Popular What's Up 
Robin Stjernberg (Robin James Olof Stjernberg) scored his first hits in Sweden with boyband What's Up. Go Girl! was a#5 in in 2007 and If I Told You To Dance #16 in 2008.
What's Up also featured Eric Saade of Popular fame.
Stjernberg went on to end 2nd in the 2011 Idols competition, losing out to Amanda Fondell.
In 2012 he released his first solo album My Versions with coverversions  including You Raise Me Up, Halo and Let Me Entertain You.
The album went to #1 in the Swedish album charts.

A little bit of trivia about songwriter/producer Joakim Harestad Haukaas: He was half of the duo 2U who participated in the first ever Junior Eurovision Songcontest in 2003. Their Sinnsykt Gal Forelsket ended 13th (for Norway).
Linnea and Joy Deb have (co)written and produced songs for Ulrik Munther (his 2012 MF song Soldiers), South African singer Nadine, Dutch band Chipz and Robert Wells (Belarus 2010's pianist added to the butterflyers)

pic taken from Robin's Facebook
Tracklist Pieces album
1 One Down Two To Go
2 Pieces
3 Crime
4 You
5 Isn’t it time
6 Rule The World     
7 For The Better
8 Scars
9 Beautiful
10 Six Feet Down
11 On My Mind
12 Every Bit Of Me

links and sources:
SVT MF pages
Robin Stjernberg FB
Special thanks to Johanna Boström Stone at Lionheart records
Thanks to STHLM MIX

The 13th MF CD
The CD with all 32 songs from the Swedish selection Melodifestivalen is planned for release on March 1 (Warner Music Sweden).

Melodifestivalen Statistics
Known to Eurovision Collectors as the mother of all preselections, Swedish Melodifestivalen is Collectors Heaven.
Since 2002 Melodifestivalen (we love to call it MF) is a 32 song multi week extravaganza and each year until a few years back almost every entry has been released on cdsingle, often including remixes or different language versions to tempt the collectors.
But times change fast and only two out of the 32 have been released on cdsingle this year (Robin Stjernberg and runner up YOHIO)

MF entries can be released as soon as any song is out of the competition. Before that the songs can't even be played (and are rigorously removed from the tubes by SVT).

It's safe to say that in Sweden Melodifestivalen is bigger than Eurovision and many of the entries reach the charts (see below) even though all songs are also released on the compilation CD too.

The official Melodifestivalen CD has been the #1 selling album of the year in Sweden every year since 2007.
In 2004, 2005 and 2006 it was #2, in 2003 it was #4, in 2002 it was #13
Update 1014: The 2013 MF CD is again the best sold album of the year in Sweden.

So Melodifestivalen is big business and it makes Lotsa Svenska Kronor, but it's good to see a good part of money going to good production of both the TV shows and the records. And the often recordbreaking televoting revenue always goes to charity, åååååh....
Here are the chart results of Melodifestivalen and Eurovision hits in the Swedish top 60 since 2002, when the 32 song MF was introduced.
In a sudden move, 2010 saw only a few entries released on cdsingle, and it showed in the number of MF hits.
Since a few years downloads are the main factor in  the Swedish charts so several Eurovision hits chart without being released on cdsingle. Some just chart one or two weeks just after the contest.

Melodifestivalen (and Eurovision) in the Swedish charts
2015 top 100: 19 MF hits - 6 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 1 Eurovision hit
2015 Digilistan: 22 MF hits - 9 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 1 Eurovision hit
2014: 17 MF hits - 5 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 6 Eurovision hits
2014 Digilistan top 60 2014: 22 MF hits - 10 top 10 hits - 2 #1 hits - 18 Eurovision hits
* The official charts in Sweden have gone a bit crap, with mainly Spotify as source. The Digilistan is now the main sales based Swedish chart. This list is still the 'official chart' but we'll feature the digilistan as well.
2013: 22 MF hits - 6 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 4 Eurovision hits
2012: 17 MF hits - 7 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 4 Eurovision hits
2011: 18 MF hits - 7 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 2 Eurovision hits
2010: 28 MF hits - 10 top 10 hits - 3 #1 hits - 9 Eurovision hits
2009: 28 MF hits - 12 top 10 hits - 2 # 1 hits - 16 Eurovision hits
A record breaking 15 Eurovision hits in the week after the contest, most on downloads alone
2008: 30 MF hits - 14 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 9 Eurovision hits
2007: 28 MF hits - 10 top 10 hits - 2 #1 hits - 7 Eurovision hits
2006: 23 MF hits -10 top 10 hits - 3 #1 hits - 6 Eurovision hits
2005: 23 MF hits - 9 top 10 hits - 4 #1 hits - 3 Eurovision hits
2004: 22 MF hits - 8 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 3 Eurovision hits
2003 : 17 MF hits - 8 top 10 hits - 3 #1 hits - 2 Eurovision hits
2002 : 13 MF hits - 4 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 3 Eurovision hits
You can check your Swedish charts weekly at Sverige Topplistan

Swedens recent entries
2012 - Loreen
2011 - Eric Saade
2010 - Anna Bergendahl
2009 - Malena Ernman
The 2009 post at the Moscow Collection also has Melodifestivalen backgrounds and statistics updated to 2011

Denmark - Only Teardrops - Emmelie De Forest

Please go to this (new) page for all about Emmelie's releases, versions, charts and all things Only Teardrops

Denmarks latest hits
2012 - Soluna Samay
2011 - A Friend In London
2010 - Chanee and N'Evergreen
2009 - Brinck

Croatia - Mižerja - Klapa S Mora

13 - 38 pts in semi 1
Croatia's song for Malmö is titled Mižerja (Sadness).
HRT had asked specifically for songs in the klapa style, a traditional style of Acapella singing.
Mižerja is written by Goran Topolovac.

You can download the song here at HRT (top right, click preuzmite pjesmu Mižerja)
Ringtones of Mižerja and the English version Hard Times are also available on the same page. These are especially recorded acapella versions.
You can watch the whole presentation show here, the song is at the end.
The English version Hard Times is here at HRT's Youtube.
A new version recorded with Tamburaši is now also available at the HRT website.

A promo cdsingle has the original, english and instrumental versions (Croatia records 604542).

Mižerja - original version / ESC version
- on the official Malmö 2CD
Mižerja - Karaoke (actually almost instrumental, there's just one vocal aaaah.)
- on the official karaoke collection (digital release)
Hard Times - English version
- HRT youtube, promo cds
Mižerja - Tamburaška verzija
- HRT website
Klapa S Mora (Klapa from the sea), pic from HRT
Klapa All Stars
The performing artists Klapa S Mora are group created especially for the Eurovision adventure. The super group features 6 men from five different Klapa groups:
Marko Škugor from Klapa Kampanel
Ante Galić from Klapa Sinj
Nikša Antica from Klapa Kampanel
Leon Bataljaku from Klapa Crikvenica
Ivica Vlaić from Klapa Sebenico
Bojan Kavedžija from Klapa Grdelin.

links and sources
HRT's Eurovision pages
Klapa's Wiki
Thanks to Lior

Croatia's recent entries
2012 - Nina Badrić
2011 - Daria Kinzer
2010 - Feminnem
2009 - Igor Cukrov