Ukraine - Gravity - Zlata Ognevich

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3 - 214 pts / 3 - 140 pts in semi 1

Ukraine selected Zlata Ognevich (Злата Огневич) and her song Gravity to represent the country in the Malmö contest.

A new version is recorded for the contest.
Listen and watch here at Zlatas Youtube

Remixes can be heard here and here at Zlata's Youtube. They are partially in a fantasy language.
You can download Gravity (full), the remixes and ringtone at this soundcloud.

Gravity - full version 3:00
- on the official Malmö 2CD
Gravity - Radio edit medium 2:53
Gravity - Radio edit short 2:42
- full and both edits on promo cdrom
Gravity - Karaoke
- on the official karaoke collection (digital release)
Gravity - Remix, radio edit
Gravity - Remix - Club edit
The original version has only been performed with live vocals.
An instrumental of the original has been leaked to Youtube.

promo cdrom
A promo cdrom includes three versions of Gravity (mp3 and wave files) plus video, photo and info.

Netherlands sales top 100: 50

Murmansk born singer Zlata Ognevich participated in the 2011 Ukraine selection with the song Tiny Island and ended 5th.
In 2011 her song Kukushka (The cuckoo) ended 2nd in the heavily contested Ukrainian final.

The Giant
Ukraine hardly ever lets us down in the prop departement. Whips, Chains, Hell Machine, Sandlady and Verka Serduchka. This year they come up with a giant. The giant in the narration of Gravity is portrayed by Ukrainian born American Igor Vovkovinskiy.
At 2.35 or 2.43 he's officialy the tallest man living in the U.S.A. and made the news by wearing a t-shirt reading The Worlds Biggest Obama Supporter.
He's not the tallest Ukrainian in the world though, that honour goes to Leonid Stadnyk. He's reportedly 2 meters 57 cm, but it is not official as he wasn't measured by the Guinnes Book Of Records.
Think of it what you will, Ukraine's Gravity show will be talked about.

links and sources:
The list of participants at NTU (in Ukrainian)
Zlata Ognevich website
Special thanks for Dariia Partas
Tallest men of the world wiki

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