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The home entry for the Malmö contest is You by Robin Stjernberg.
The song is written by Robin Stjernberg, Linnea Deb, Joy Deb and Joakim Harestad Haukaas.
It's the first time a song proceeding from the Andra Chansen (second chance) round in MF won the title.

You is released on cdsingle on the Lionheart label, it includes the original version and karaoke. (MLCDS -0183). The cds comes in a limited edition 7"inch sleeve.
The promo kit used in Malmö has a cdsingle features the original and acoustic versions plus a disc with videos, photos and info.

Of course the song is also available at you favorite digitessen.
An acoustic version (named Piano version) is released and is available at digital stores like iTunes.
Watch the acoustic video at Robin's Vevo.

digital release image
You - original
- cdsingle, Malmö 2CD
You - Piano version (acoustic)
- promo cds. digital release
You - Karaoke
- cdsingle, official karaoke collection
You - Alex Sayz remix edit
You - Soundfactory radio remix
You - Benji of Sweden Radio remix
You - Alex Sayz remix extended
You - Soundfactory Club remix
You - Benji of Sweden Extended remix
You - Soundfactory Dub remix
- remixes digital at iTunes
You - Acoustic version with Cascada
- Cascada CD Acoustic Sessions

Update: Robin's Remixes have now been released at iTunes
You - Alex Sayz remix edit listen at Alex Says Youtube
You - Soundfactory radio remix listen at Scandipop
You - Benji of Sweden Radio remix
You - Alex Sayz remix extended
You - Soundfactory Club remix
You - Benji of Sweden Extended remix
You - Soundfactory Club remix

For The Better EP
You can also be found on the new digital EP For The Better, a taster release before the album.
Next to the Eurovision entry it includes last years singles Scars and On My Mind and new songs For The Better, Rule The World and Beautiful. 
Release date is April 24 (Lionheart records)

Pieces CD
Update: A real new album (also on CD) will be released on June 26. It includes You and 11 other tracks. All tracks from the digital For The Better EP are included. Also includes new single Crime.
Tracklist below. (Lionheart Universal UNI-LHICD 0156)

Robin and Cascada
On November 1 Cascada released an album with acoustic tracks titled Acoustic Sessions.
It includes the acoustic version of her own entry Glorious but also a duet version of Robin's entry You.  (Zooland records)
The album is out now through Amazon, iTunes, CD expected November 2nd.

You entered the Swedish charts at 51, going up to #5 in the charts the day before the MF final. It's #1 in the third week on the top 60. A Gold disc was awarded in the 4th week on the charts, Platinum in the 6th and double platinum in the 7th. Update:  Triple platinum was awarded in june, when You was 16 weeks on chart.
Swedish top 60: 51, 5, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 5, 8, 10, 10, 6, 18, 22, 19, 29, 37, 41, 47, 57, 60
Ireland top 100: 31, -
Netherlands sales top 100: 42, -
UK top 100: 72, -
Germany top 100: 58, -
Austria top 75: 61, -

Popular What's Up 
Robin Stjernberg (Robin James Olof Stjernberg) scored his first hits in Sweden with boyband What's Up. Go Girl! was a#5 in in 2007 and If I Told You To Dance #16 in 2008.
What's Up also featured Eric Saade of Popular fame.
Stjernberg went on to end 2nd in the 2011 Idols competition, losing out to Amanda Fondell.
In 2012 he released his first solo album My Versions with coverversions  including You Raise Me Up, Halo and Let Me Entertain You.
The album went to #1 in the Swedish album charts.

A little bit of trivia about songwriter/producer Joakim Harestad Haukaas: He was half of the duo 2U who participated in the first ever Junior Eurovision Songcontest in 2003. Their Sinnsykt Gal Forelsket ended 13th (for Norway).
Linnea and Joy Deb have (co)written and produced songs for Ulrik Munther (his 2012 MF song Soldiers), South African singer Nadine, Dutch band Chipz and Robert Wells (Belarus 2010's pianist added to the butterflyers)

pic taken from Robin's Facebook
Tracklist Pieces album
1 One Down Two To Go
2 Pieces
3 Crime
4 You
5 Isn’t it time
6 Rule The World     
7 For The Better
8 Scars
9 Beautiful
10 Six Feet Down
11 On My Mind
12 Every Bit Of Me

links and sources:
SVT MF pages
Robin Stjernberg FB
Special thanks to Johanna Boström Stone at Lionheart records
Thanks to STHLM MIX

The 13th MF CD
The CD with all 32 songs from the Swedish selection Melodifestivalen is planned for release on March 1 (Warner Music Sweden).

Melodifestivalen Statistics
Known to Eurovision Collectors as the mother of all preselections, Swedish Melodifestivalen is Collectors Heaven.
Since 2002 Melodifestivalen (we love to call it MF) is a 32 song multi week extravaganza and each year until a few years back almost every entry has been released on cdsingle, often including remixes or different language versions to tempt the collectors.
But times change fast and only two out of the 32 have been released on cdsingle this year (Robin Stjernberg and runner up YOHIO)

MF entries can be released as soon as any song is out of the competition. Before that the songs can't even be played (and are rigorously removed from the tubes by SVT).

It's safe to say that in Sweden Melodifestivalen is bigger than Eurovision and many of the entries reach the charts (see below) even though all songs are also released on the compilation CD too.

The official Melodifestivalen CD has been the #1 selling album of the year in Sweden every year since 2007.
In 2004, 2005 and 2006 it was #2, in 2003 it was #4, in 2002 it was #13
Update 1014: The 2013 MF CD is again the best sold album of the year in Sweden.

So Melodifestivalen is big business and it makes Lotsa Svenska Kronor, but it's good to see a good part of money going to good production of both the TV shows and the records. And the often recordbreaking televoting revenue always goes to charity, åååååh....
Here are the chart results of Melodifestivalen and Eurovision hits in the Swedish top 60 since 2002, when the 32 song MF was introduced.
In a sudden move, 2010 saw only a few entries released on cdsingle, and it showed in the number of MF hits.
Since a few years downloads are the main factor in  the Swedish charts so several Eurovision hits chart without being released on cdsingle. Some just chart one or two weeks just after the contest.

Melodifestivalen (and Eurovision) in the Swedish charts
2015 top 100: 19 MF hits - 6 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 1 Eurovision hit
2015 Digilistan: 22 MF hits - 9 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 1 Eurovision hit
2014: 17 MF hits - 5 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 6 Eurovision hits
2014 Digilistan top 60 2014: 22 MF hits - 10 top 10 hits - 2 #1 hits - 18 Eurovision hits
* The official charts in Sweden have gone a bit crap, with mainly Spotify as source. The Digilistan is now the main sales based Swedish chart. This list is still the 'official chart' but we'll feature the digilistan as well.
2013: 22 MF hits - 6 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 4 Eurovision hits
2012: 17 MF hits - 7 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 4 Eurovision hits
2011: 18 MF hits - 7 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 2 Eurovision hits
2010: 28 MF hits - 10 top 10 hits - 3 #1 hits - 9 Eurovision hits
2009: 28 MF hits - 12 top 10 hits - 2 # 1 hits - 16 Eurovision hits
A record breaking 15 Eurovision hits in the week after the contest, most on downloads alone
2008: 30 MF hits - 14 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 9 Eurovision hits
2007: 28 MF hits - 10 top 10 hits - 2 #1 hits - 7 Eurovision hits
2006: 23 MF hits -10 top 10 hits - 3 #1 hits - 6 Eurovision hits
2005: 23 MF hits - 9 top 10 hits - 4 #1 hits - 3 Eurovision hits
2004: 22 MF hits - 8 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 3 Eurovision hits
2003 : 17 MF hits - 8 top 10 hits - 3 #1 hits - 2 Eurovision hits
2002 : 13 MF hits - 4 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 3 Eurovision hits
You can check your Swedish charts weekly at Sverige Topplistan

Swedens recent entries
2012 - Loreen
2011 - Eric Saade
2010 - Anna Bergendahl
2009 - Malena Ernman
The 2009 post at the Moscow Collection also has Melodifestivalen backgrounds and statistics updated to 2011

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