Armenia - Lonely Planet - Dorians

18 - 41 pts / 7 - 69 pts in semi 2
Armenia will be represented by Gor Sujyan (Գոռ Սուջյան), leadsinger of rock band Dorians.
Update: A small change has been made, it's Dorians for Malmö now, since the band is already Gor's band on the Eurovision stage, the act will go by the bands name.

The song Lonely Planet is chosen out of four in a preselection show on March 2, all songs were performed by Gor Sujyan.
The song is written by Tony Iommi and Vardan Zadoyan.

Pic from Dorians Facebook
The studio version / video can now be enjoyed at the Dorians Youtube.
A remix by Arman Pahlevanyan (Dorians keyboardist)  can be heard here ar Dorians Youtube

Lonely Planet
- on the official Malmö 2CD
Lonely Planet - Karaoke
- on the official karaoke collection (digital release)
Lonely Planet - Remix by Arman Pahlevanyan
- On Dorians Youtube, promo cds

A promo cds includes issued by AMPTV has all three versions.
The order on the sleeve is different from the disc, which mixes up the karaoke and original. (So it starts with the karaoke version).
Beware: Fakes are being offered on e-bay

pic from ARMTV
Tony Iommi is the guitarist of British heavy metal band Black Sabbath. Dorians had met Iommy a few years ago working together on a charity concert.
Vardan Zadoyan co-wrote the lyrics to the 2009 Armenian entry Jan Jan by Inga and Anush.

The most recent release of Dorians is their album Fly from 2011. Gor Sujyan has not released any solo material yet.
He was a backing vocalist for Eva Rivas in 2010 (Apricot Stone)

links and sources:
ARMTV Eurovision pages in Armenian and English
New Dorians website in English. Armenian and Russian versions will be online soon
Gor Sujyan FB, Dorians FB
Thanks to Lior and Tom (for the pic)

Find out about Armenia's recent entries
No participation in 2012
2011 - Emmy
2010 - Eva Rivas
2009 - Inga and Anush

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