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Sanremo 2013 winner Marco Mengoni represents Italy at the Malmö contest.
On March 18 it was announced that the Eurovision song chosen is L'essenziale (The Essential).

L'essenziale, written by Mengoni with Roberto Casalino and Francesco de Benedittis is the winner of this years Sanremo contest (the 63rd edition!).
The Eurovision choice for Mengoni was already made before the Sanremo victory.

A 1-track promo with the original version is issued.
The digital single release shifted over 60.000 copies and reached double platinum status in Italy.

Watch and listen to the full album version here at Mengoni's Youtube

Live CD 2016
L'essenziale - Album version / Sanremo version
- on CD #PRONTOACORRERE, digital single, promo cds
L'essenziale - Eurovision edit
- on the official Malmö CD, still too long for the contest. The version performed at Eurovision is unreleased.
L'essenziale - Karaoke Eurovision edit (actually instrumental)
- on official karaoke collection (digital release)
L'essenziale - Live (2013, from concert)
Incomparable - Spanish version
- on V.A. CD Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa - Volumen 5, 2014 release
L'essenziale - Live 2016
- on CD Marco Mengoni Live (2016)
L'essenziale - Live 2019
- on ltd edition 2CD Atlantico / On Tour
digital release image Italy
2014: Spanish version
Incomparable is the title of a Spanish version recorded by Marco Mengoni.
Update: Incomparable is now realeased as a digital single in Spand and Italy.
The track was first  released on the 2CD Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa - Volumen 5, out on Legacy records in Spain on Januari 31. Also released digitally.
More details here at Amazon Spain
Spanish EP
The four tracks Mengoni recorded in Spanish have also been released as a digital EP (iTunes).

Special thanks to Jean-François

L'Essenziale and the other Sanremo song Bellissimo are released on Mangoni's new album #PRONTOACORRERE. 
By the end of 2013 three editions of the album were released.
All have the same 15 tracks, but a special edition has an extra DVD titled #DIARIODIUNSOGNO (Diary of a dream) with backstage footage of Mengoni's Sanremo adventures. (Picture sleeve with the red stripes).
(Sony 88765470482 and 88765491622)
Deluxe iTunes version has two extra tracks. Two songs from the album in English versions (but not L'Essenziale).
In januari 2014 the album is back in the top 10. It was a #1 (only on the first week on chart though)  and spent 40 weeks (and counting) in the Italian album charts. In december the album reached double platinum status with over 120.000 copies sold.

2014: The Spanish album
#PRONTOACORRERE is released in Spain in a new version now including the Spanish version of L'Essenziale (Incomparable) and a few other tracks in Spanish. Out on June 10 (RCA).

Marco, the Movie
The third version of the #PRONTOACORRERE album has two CDs: next to the original CD (with the two English bonus tracks included now) there's a live version of the album with the tracks in the same order. So L'Essenziale and Bellissimo are also included in their live versions. This 3-disc set also includes the Diario film, but with added extracts from the Il Viaggio film/concert. Also includes some Malmö footage.
(RCA / Sony 08837981125)
The November 12 release tied in with the release of #PRONTOACORRERE the movie, in Italian cinema's from November 6.

2016 Another live version was released on the CD Marco Mengoni Live (Sony 2016). This was released as a 2CD and a deluxe version with DVD. An even more deluxe version has 4 CDs and a DVD and a superdeluxe version in a special case has 4 CDs and 2 DVD's.
And then there's a 3LP version too.

2019 A new live album, Atlantico / On Tour means a new live version of L'Essenziale.
The limited edition 2CD includes it as the last track, although it's mostly the audience doing the singing.

the 2019 live album

Marco Mengoni
Marco Mengoni shot to fame in Italy in 2009 when he won the 3rd season of X-Factor.
He scored four top 10 hits including #1 hit Dove Si Vola in 2009.
His San Remo debut was in 2010 when he ended 3rd with Credimi Ancora.
After a few EP releases his first studio album Solo 2.0 shot straight to #1 in the Italian album charts in 2011.

The digital single release of L'Essenziale has already been a #1 hit in Italy since Mengoni won San Remo.
Italy digital singles top 10: 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 3, 7, 9, -
Switzerland top 75: 36, 59, -, re: 54
Netherlands sales top 100: 69
Spain top 50: 44, 43
German top 100: 79
Austria top 75: 60

Sanremo 2013
All (14) artists in the established artists competition performed two songs, one of them proceding to the final. Bellissimo, written by Gianna Naninni and Pacifo was Marco Mengoni's second song at San Remo.
Italy's return star Rafael Gualazzi (2011) performed Sai (Ci basta Un Sogno) in the final and ended 5th.

A 2CD titled Sanremo 2013 is released through Warner Music Italy. It has 13* final songs (including L'Essenziale), the 8 young artists songs and a few bonus tracks.
* The Moda song is not not included,

links and sources:
RAI San Remo pages
Marco Mengoni website and FB
Thanks to Jean-François

Italy's recent entries
2012 - Nina Zilli
2011 - Rafael Gualazzi

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  1. The Eurovision version is different from the one on the official Malmö 2CD. They cut the music intro and changed the words of the last refrain... it was never released.