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Italy 7th - San remo winner Marco Mengoni  Albums, Live version, Mengoni: The Movie, Spanish version Incomparable. 2014: Spanish album, 2013 live version update, 2016 live version update, 2019 live version update
Germany - Cascada - Glorious in the charts, UK remixes, Best Of and Acoustic Sessions. Afrikaans/Tsonga cover.
Belarus - Alyona Lanskaya, 'new' song is Solayoh, remixes released, Solayoh The Album out now. Afrikaans/Yuroba cover.
Denmark Wins Eurovision 2013 - DMGP CD, Emmelie De Forest  Album and versions update. coverversions updated
Hungary 10t- 2CD out now, ByeAlex to Malmö. Swedish bit version   out now, English version: One for Me, Szörpoholista, the Album out now! 2014 Eisenhower coverversion.
Bulgaria - Elitsa and Stoyan, now it's Samo Shampioni, Bulgarian Champions, the album out in Januari. March.
Netherlands 9th - Anouk's Birds, cdsingle, Sad Singalong Songs out now, Vinyl LP  #1 hit, Birds charts in Belgium! Live Birds Released!
Estonia - Songs online Birgit Oigemeel, language versions, cdsingle out now, Album Uus Algus out now!
Slovenia - Hannah is the one, Straight Into Love, updates, Remix released on December 10.
Iceland - CD Out Now! Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson, new version, remix updates
Norway 4th - MGP CD, Margaret Berger to Malmö, US remix by Blind Zebra
Sweden - MF CD, cdsingle, For The Better EP, Remixes. Pieces album, MF statistics, Cascada joins Robin for Acoustic You.
Georgia - Sopho and Nodiko's Waterfall. Knockout coverversion from SA.
Moldova - Aliona Moon's A Million, Pasha trades trumpet for piano, version update
Malta 8thTomorrow to Malmö, EP release, family affair, in the charts, Album release
San Marino -  Fly with Valentina: English version, promo details, New Remixes, La Storia Di Valentina Monetta CD out now.
Finland - UMK CD. Krista Siegfrids proposes, Ding Dong out May 10
Macedonia - Esma and Lozano, Empire collapsed, new song, English version, remix, Lozano ditches Esma for solo version.
Israel - Kdamfestivalen! Moran Mazor to Malmö, album and new version, update
Latvia - Listen to the songs, PeR: Here We Go! Russian version video
Shopping: The official releases in the shops updated
Armenia - Dorians. Lonely Planet by Black Sabbath guitarist, remix
Bits and pieces, Avicii BB, intervals, important links, trivia.
Montenegro - Nina Žižić joins Who See, download Igranka. New promo details, magazine issue cds
Azerbaijan 2nd place, semi final winner - Farid Mammadov, remixes, Farids fitness, Turkish version Dönsen, updates
Switzerland - Off with those uniforms! CD with Salvation Armies from all over Europe out now, Europe United version, Estonian cover
The official CD  digital  Bonus edition, Sarah Dawn Finer's Winner.
Ukraine 3rd - Zlata Ognevich, new version download, updates, remixes
Romania - Songs online, Cezar to Malmö, updates
Greece 6th Alcohol Is Free promo, 6 minutes album version, promo updates
Ireland - Ryan Dolan, free remixes to download, Album release
Lithuania - sends Something by Andrius Pojavis, new version, digital release
Belgium - Roberto Bellarossa, new version of Love Kills!
Russia 5th What If  Dina Garipova, new version, digital release
The Must Have Malmö Manual now available
United Kingdom - Bonnie Tyler, release updates, cds, remix updates
Spain - El Sueño de Morfeo, With you to the final, Album has English version, more updates
France - Amandine Bourgeois, l'Enfer Et Moi released.
Albania - Adrian Lulgjuraj dhe Bledar Sejko, Eurovision version, verions and promo updates
Serbia - Beosong 2013, Moja 3 to Malmö, more downloads, 9 versions of Ljubav Je Svuda, corrections
Austria - Natália Kelly Shines, remixes out now, Album details, Celine Dion cover on album.
Croatia's Mižerja by Klapa S Mora, download* Hard Times ringtone, new Tamburaši version.
Cyprus - Despina Olympiou, Listen to An Me Thimase, new version, remix, English version
The pots and semi finals running order.
Who is in and who is out

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