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Pic from Aliona's Facebook
11 - 71 pts
4 - 95 pts in semi 1
Aliona Moon (Aliona Munteanu) won Moldova's three-round national selection, O Melodie Pentru Europa 2013.
The winning song is titled A Million. It's written by Pasha Parfeny, last years Moldovan singer (Lăutar). Lyrics are by Yuliana Scutari and Serghei Legheida.

But it was decided that the song will be performed in its Romanian version O Mie at the contest.
The Romanian lyrics are by Yuliana Scutari (only)
Less is more: O Mie translates as one thousand rather than a million.

Aliona Moon (Aliona Monteanu) was a backing vocalist for Pasha Parfeny in the Baku contest, with O Mie Pasha is her composer and the man behind the piano.

You can listen to A Million here at Pasha Parfeny's Youtube
Here is O Mie, the Romanian version of the song.

1st promo
O Mie - Eurovision version in Romanian
- videoclip version (Eurovision version) has some differences in instrumentation from the original. It is this version that was used as backing in Malmö. On 2nd promo. 
O Mie - Eurovision version in English
- on 2nd promo.
O Mie - Original Romanian version
- on official Malmö 2CD, first promo
A Million - Original English version
- first promo,  both original versions can be heard at Pasha's Youtube.
O Mie - karaoke (actually instrumental)
- on the official karaoke collection (digital release)

2nd promo, pics from Rate Your Music
An early promo cds has both the Romanian and English versions of the song.

A 2nd promo (cdrom) in fold out sleeve, used in Malmö, has the Eurovision version and English with Eurovision arrangement plus video, photos and info.

Thanks to Roy.

The Moldovan selection was a new format for TRM. Songs and artists were entered seperately. 24 artists had to pick a song from 60 selected entries. (Although some have had their own song chosen).
The songs have been available at the TRM site but it seems they are gone now.

pic from Pasha's FB
Pasha Parfeny
A Million is Pasha's fifth Moldovan selection entry. He appeared four times as a singer, the fourth time resulting in Lăutar, winning at home and ending 11th in the Baku final.
In 2007 he didn´t make it past the Moldovan national semi´s  with Steaua Mea (My star) as Pavel Parfeny.
In 2010 You Should Like did much better, he ended 2nd in the final. 
In 2011 he performed Dorule and ended third.
Pasha Parfeny is a former singer of the Sunstroke Project but had already left the band when they entered Eurovision in 2010.
More on Pasha Parfeny and Lăutar here at the Baku Collection.

Links and sources:
TRM - Moldovan TV
Aliona Moon FB
Pasha Parfeny FB
Thanks to Yuliana Scutaru at Lautar MD
Thanks to Lior and Nigel

Moldova's entries from the recent past.
2012 - Pasha Parfeny
2011 - Zdob Si Zdub

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