Norway - I Feed You My Love - Margaret Berger

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4 - 191 pts / 3 - 120 pts in semi 2
I Feed You My Love by Margaret Berger is the winner of the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix, the 21 song competition to select the Malmö entry.
I Feed You My Love is written by Karin Park, Robin Lynch and Niklas Olovson.

Watch the promo video at Macho Records Youtube channel.

Several remixes have been released.
A 3-track remix pack is out through Amazon digital. The Jay Hardway mix is out through iTunes. Don't know if these are exclusive to these sellers yet, we'll keep you posted. The Volume One subtitle suggests that there is more to come.
The remixes also seem available through some streaming thingy's, but you'll have to find that out for yourself.

Two further versions: the extended version and Macho Collective remix are also available at iTunes and Wimp.
All are out through Macho Records.

After some patchy digital releases a new official digital release combines six versions of the song plus two videos. Out on May 10 at Amazon and itunes.
Universal Germany also mentions a cdsingle to be released on May 10, but I haven't seen any confirmation yet.

Another mix, the Super8 remix, can be heard through Macho Records youtube.

New digital release has:
I Feed You My Love - original version
I Feed You My Love - Macho Collective remix
I Feed You My Love - Robin Low remix Two*
I Feed You My Love - Jay Hardway remix
I Feed You My Love - Dan Miles and Di Ferro remix Two*
I Feed You My Love - Torus Flow Remix
+ video of National final
+ official videoclip
* I don't know why the Robin Low and Dan Miles/Di Ferro remixes are called remix Two. It seems the running times are the same as the first released versions of these remixes. More as soon as I know....

Blind Zebra
US knobtwiddlers Blind Zebra have released a new mix of I Feed You My Love in november. (out
The Ultra Records digital release is available through Beatport, digi shop for DJs and the like.

I Feed You My Love - original version
- on CD MGP 2013, Malmö 2CD 
I Feed You My Love - Robin Low remix
I Feed You My Love - Torus Flow Remix
I Feed You My Love - Dan Miles and Di Ferro remix
- above three mixes on digital release Remix pack Volume One (amazon)
I Feed You My Love - Jay Hardway remix
- digital release, iTunes
I Feed You My Love - Extended
I Feed You My Love - Macho Collective remix
- above two versions on iTunes digital release
I Feed You My Love - Super8 remix
- on Macho Records youtube
I Feed You My Love - Karaoke
- on official karaoke collection (digital release)
I Feed You My Love - Blind Zebra remix
- digital, available at Beatport
A promo EPK (cdrom) with audio (original and karaoke as wave files) video, radio ID's and info is issued.

Margaret Berger is currently working on her 3rd album, working title is Chastisement and it will undoubtedly include I Feed You My Love. The album will be out on Sony.

Margaret Berger became known to the Norwegian public in 2004 when she ended second in the 2nd series of Idol (remember Idol?)
She released her debut album Chameleon in the same year.
Her second album Pretty Scary Silver Fairy spawned two top 20 hits: Samantha and Will You Remember Me Tomorrow.
Both albums have reached the top 10 of the Norwegian album charts.

Her 3rd album Chastisement, including the Eurovision entry and the previous single In A Box is expected to be released in May.

You can listen to several tracks at Margarets MySpace.

The songwriters:
Robin Lynch and Niklas Olovson are producers/songwriters duo Machopsycho. They have written and produced songs for Pink, Justin Timberlake, Vanessa Amorosi, Esmee Denters, Cher, Kelly Rowland, Joss Stone, Jessica Simpson, the Backstreet Boys and Dutch singer Ilse De Lange (Most of her Incredible album). The duo also founded Macho Records, Margaret Bergers current record label.
Karin Park is a Swedish singer/songwriter of the electronic variety. She has released four albums of which Highwire Poetry (2012) is the most recent.

Norwegian top 20: 12, 4, 20, -, re: 11, 16, -
Sweden top 60: 33, 38, 60, -
Ireland top 100: 54, -
Netherlands sales top 100: 49, -
UK top 100: 80, -
German top 100: 24, 57, 68
Austria top 75: 51, -
Switzerland top 75: 26, -
Denmark top 40: 36, -

MGP 2013
NRK selected the entry for Malmö in the 4-week Melodi Grand Prix. Three weeks with seven songs each with the top three going through to the final.

Each heats' songs became available through Norwegian iTunes a few days before the heat took place.
NRK pages also have links to listen to the songs through sources which you have to register for (Spotify, Wimp or iTunes, blegh...)

It turns out there will be a CD after all (after announcement that it wasn't) . The album is released on Februari 1 on a new record label:  DaWorks (DACD649).
Thanks to Nissim.

links and sources
NRK Melodi Grand Prix pages.
Margarets MySpace. and FB
Machopsycho website
Karin Park Website

Norways recent entries
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