Croatia - Mižerja - Klapa S Mora

13 - 38 pts in semi 1
Croatia's song for Malmö is titled Mižerja (Sadness).
HRT had asked specifically for songs in the klapa style, a traditional style of Acapella singing.
Mižerja is written by Goran Topolovac.

You can download the song here at HRT (top right, click preuzmite pjesmu Mižerja)
Ringtones of Mižerja and the English version Hard Times are also available on the same page. These are especially recorded acapella versions.
You can watch the whole presentation show here, the song is at the end.
The English version Hard Times is here at HRT's Youtube.
A new version recorded with Tamburaši is now also available at the HRT website.

A promo cdsingle has the original, english and instrumental versions (Croatia records 604542).

Mižerja - original version / ESC version
- on the official Malmö 2CD
Mižerja - Karaoke (actually almost instrumental, there's just one vocal aaaah.)
- on the official karaoke collection (digital release)
Hard Times - English version
- HRT youtube, promo cds
Mižerja - Tamburaška verzija
- HRT website
Klapa S Mora (Klapa from the sea), pic from HRT
Klapa All Stars
The performing artists Klapa S Mora are group created especially for the Eurovision adventure. The super group features 6 men from five different Klapa groups:
Marko Škugor from Klapa Kampanel
Ante Galić from Klapa Sinj
Nikša Antica from Klapa Kampanel
Leon Bataljaku from Klapa Crikvenica
Ivica Vlaić from Klapa Sebenico
Bojan Kavedžija from Klapa Grdelin.

links and sources
HRT's Eurovision pages
Klapa's Wiki
Thanks to Lior

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2009 - Igor Cukrov

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