Malmö CDs out now

NF CDs out now
Iceland - Icelands 12 preselection songs are released on the CD Söngvakeppnin 2013.
Norway - After initially announcing there would be no CD a new record company came to the rescue and the CD with all 21 songs is out now.
Denmark - 10 national final songs and their karaoke versions are on CD out now.
Finland - The UMK CD has all Finnish participants of the 2013 New Music competition.
Hungary - All 30 songs are released on a 2CD on Februari 14.
Sweden - CD with 32 Melodifestivalen songs out now
For details on the official Malmö 2CD go here.

cdsingles in the shops
This list only includes cdsingles officially released, details on promo's will be in each countries post.
Germany - No CD album of the national final, but 10 out of 12 NF entries have now been released on cdsingle  For more details and tracklists see our facebook message of 11-2.
One of the German cdsingles is the winner Glorious by Cascada, which is the first cdsingle of 2013.
Netherlands - Anouks cdsingle out now
Sweden - cdsingle out since March 22, comes in a 7"inch sleeve. MF #2 Yohio also has a cdsingle out.
U.K. - Bonnie's cdsingle out in Germany
Estonia - cdsingle out May 3, has five versions.
The week of June 14 sees the release of Denmarks cdsingle.
Cyprus' entry was released on an official cdsingle

CD Albums
With the decline of the number of cdsingles officially released, it's good to see that many 2013 stars are at least having an album out. Here's a list of those with a new CD including their Eurovision entry.
Austria - Debut album for Natália Kelly
Netherlands - Anouk's Sad Singalong Songs, also on LP
U.K. - Bonnie's album has already been out in Germany before the contest
Spain - ESDM revisit some of their old stuff and their NF songs
Finland - Krista's album is titled Ding Dong
Greece - the Koza MostrasCD  include a 6 minute version of the Alcohol song.
Denmark - Debut album for Emmelie De Forest
Germany - Greatest hits CD for Cascada includes acoustic Glorious
Italy - Marco Mengoni's album is essential.
Switzerland - Takasa will be releasing a CD with Salvation Army musicians from all over Europe
Latvia - PeRs 2012 album has Here We Go.
Sweden - Robin Stjernberg releases his album Pieces, CD out on june 26.
Israel - Moran Mazors album includes a new version of Rak Bishvilo

Albums by Ryan Dolan (Ireland) and Valentina Monetta have so far only been released digitally.
Roberto from Belgium adds his Eurovision song to the digital version of his 2012 album.

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