Spain - Contigo Hasta El Final - El Sueño de Morfeo

Digital release image Eurovision 'video version'
25 - 8 pts / not in semi

RTVE, Spanish national television announced El Sueño de Morfeo (ESDM) as the 2013 Eurovision entrants.
The song chosen is Contigo Hasta El Final (With you until the end).

Contigo Hasta El Final is released through digital sources like Amazon (Spain).
The version is listed as "Versión Gala TVE Eurovisión"
The second version released is listed as the "Versión Video" which is the Eurovision version
An English version is also recorded.

The new video is here at TVE

Digital release image first version
Contigo Hasta El Final (With you until the end)
- on the official Malmö 2CD, and CD Todos Tenemos Un Sueño
Contigo Hasta El Final (With you until the end) - karaoke
- on the official karaoke collection (digital release)
Contigo Hasta El Final (With you until the end) - English
- on CD Todos Tenemos Un Sueño
Contigo Hasta El Final  - first version (Versión Gala TVE Eurovisión)
- has been on the RTVE website

Spain top 50: 32

Everybody Has A Dream
Todos Tenemos Un Sueño is the title of the album ESDM have released to coincide with their Eurovision adventure. The CD includes the Eurovision song (as Version Video, being the Eurovision version) and the English version.
It also includes two versions of their first ever hit Nunca Volverá, one being an acoustic version with Pastora Soler.  It also includes the other preselection songs (marked *) and popular songs from the ESDM back catalogue in new versions.
Next to Pastora Soler (Eurovision 2012) there are some well known Spanish and Italian singers guesting (see tracklist below)

Tracklist Todos Tenemos Un Sueño (CD)
1. Nunca volverá - versión 2013
2. Ojos de cielo - with Alex Ubago
3. Esta soy yo - with Georgina
4. Para toda la vida
5. Chocar - with Nek
6. Si no estás - with Morrigans
7. Lo mejor está por llegar - with Laura Pausini, Deborah & Ximena Xariñana
8. Gente
9. Contigo hasta el final - video version
10. Revolución * - with La Musicalité
11. Dame tu voz * - versión Gala TVE Eurovisión
12. Atrévete * - versión Gala TVE Eurovisión
13. Contigo hasta el final (With you until the end) - English version
14. Nunca volverá - with Pastora Soler (Acoustic)
Release date May 7 (Warner Music Spain), also available through your popular digital sources of course.

National Final
There were 4 songs by ESDM in the running to be Spains next Eurovision entry.
- Contigo Hasta El Final (With you until the end)
- Dame Tu Voz (Give me your voice)
Above two were sent directly to the National Final.

- Revolución
- Atrévete (Dare)
One of these Atrévete, was selected for the three-song final by the internet audience.

You can now listen to the four songs in full here at RTVE.

links and sources
TVE Eurovision pages
ESDM website and FB
Thanks to Jean-François

Lest we forget:
Spain in 2012 - Pastora Soler

2011 - Lucia Peréz
2010 - Daniel Diges
2009 - Soraya

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