Georgia - Waterfall - Sopho Gelovani and Nodi Tatishvili

15 - 50 pts / 10 - 63 pts in semi 2

GPB have selected Sopho Gelovani (სოფო გელოვანი)
and Nodiko (Nodi) Tatishvili (ნოდიკო ტატიშვილი)
to represent Georgia in the Malmö Eurovision Song Contest.

On Januari 10 it was announced that the Georgian entry will be a song written by Swedish composer Thomas G:Son. On februari 5 the title was revealed: Waterfall.
The song was presented on Februari 27 in Our Morning (TV show). Watch and listen here at Eurovision Georgia,
Here you can watch the whole TV show with the song at around the 12 minute mark.
The lyrics are here at Eurovision Georgia

- on the official Malmö 2CD
Waterfall - Karaoke
- on the official karaoke collection (digital release)

A promo cdrom includes audio (wave file) and video of Waterfall.

G:Son wrote last years winner Euphoria and a lot of other Eurovision songs, read all about them at the Euphoria page at the Baku Collection.
G:Son wrote Waterfall with Erik Bernholm who we know from In A Moment Like This (Denmark 2010) and Quedate Conmigo (Spain 2012)
Bernholm also produced Runaway, Sahlene's Estonian entry from 2003.

links and sources
Eurovision Georgia
Nodiko FB

Afrikaans coverversion.
Update: South African singer Karlien van Jaarsveld released her latest CD Uitklophou (Knockout). Title track is a coverversion of Waterfall, a duet with boyband Eden.
Karlien van Jaarsveld website.

Sopho's Hall Of Fame.
The duo will be the 6th Eurovision entrants for the country and the 7th that were selected to sing for Georgia (the 2009 entry was withdrawn). If you count Ǝldrine's lead singer Sopho Toroshelidze it's the 4th time Georgia sends a Sopho, which is remarkable.
Sopho Khalvashi's Visionary Dream, Georgia's debut entry, ended 12th in Helsinki.
Sophia Nizharadze (who is actually called Sopho, really) ended 9th in 2010 and Ǝldrine, with their new lead Sopho also ended 9th. Ǝldrine actually had a different singer (Taka Vadachkoria) in the National Final, but she wasn't named Sopho, so she had to go.

Georgia's recent Eurovision hits:
2012 - Anri Joxadze
2011 - Ǝldrine
2009 - Stephane and 3G (withdrawn entry)

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