Slovenia - Straight Into Love - Hannah

Pic from Pre-Party Booking office
16 - 8 pts in semi 1

Hannah (Hannah Mancini) sang for Slovenia in Malmö. The singer and song were selected internally this time.
The song,  premiered on Valentines day, is titled Straight Into Love.

The song is written by Gregor Zemljič, Erik Margan, Matija Rodić and Marko Primožak.

A slightly altered version was made for Eurovision.

An early 1-track promo (cd-r) has been issued, but no other cd was made for the contest. Instead a flyer with download links was given to the press in Malmö.
I don't know if the cd-r includes the first or second version of Straight Into Love.
Beware: Fakes are being offered on e-bay

Lyrics for a french version have been published, but I don't think it has been recorded.

Straight Into Love - Eurovision edit
- on Malmö 2013 2CD
Straight Into Love - Original version
- websites
Straight Into Love - Karaoke Eurovision edit
- official karaoke collection (digital release)
Straight Into Love - Denis Goldin remix
- digital release, december 10.
Straight Into Love - Remix by WD2N
- no release details yet

The difference between the original and Eurovision versions can best be heard at 1:40 to 1:57 where there are some differences in the lyrics.
Thanks to Roy for the details on the 1st and 2nd versions.

The Denis Golden remix of Straight Into Love should be out through Amazon on December 10. (Lovenest records).
You can already have a listen here at Lovenest. You'll notice all the dubstep bits are gone (yay!)
The WD2N remix was also to be released (according to Hannah's Facebook), but so far no sign.

Hannah entered the Slovenian selection in 2011 together DJ Sylvain and Mike Vale with the song Ti Si Tisti (You're the one) which was also recorded in English as Nothing But Love Will Do.

Hannah has been guest vocaling on several club tracks but in the last few years she was mainly active as the singer of the band XEQUTIFZ, a dance outfit touring the Slovenian and regional clubs extensively. The have recorded a few singles both in Slovenian and English.
You can listen to some tracks at their MySpace.

Links and sources
Hannah FB
VAL 202 presentation
Short Bio at Preparty

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