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The Must Have Malmö Manual now available
Only Teardrops - Emmelie's winner page

Opening / Interval acts
Three contests means a lot of opening and interval acts.
The final opened with Avicii & B & B and choir with the anthem We Write The Story.
The track has been released in digital format in two versions
We Write The Story - full version (6.34)
We Write The Story - edited version (4.05)
The long version is also included on the bonus edition of the official album with all the entries (digital).

ABB in the charts
Netherlands sales top 100: 73, -

Sarah Dawn Finers version of The Winner Takes It All has also been released through all the regular digital stores.
Swedish Smörgåsbord, the piece de resistance by host Petra Mede has not been released.
Petra Mede, Malmö's host. Website
And if you want more Carola, check out BeaRecords

The first semi opened with Loreen and her kids with their 2013 version of Euphoria. The same version was also performed in this years MF. Euphoria 2013 and its instrumental version have been released digitally. More details here at Loreens Baku page.
Loreen also returned for the final where she performed a medley of new song We Got The Power, 2011 MF hit My Heart Is Refusing Me and of course Euphoria.
We Got The Power is released as Loreens new single (digital) and can also be found on the 2013 re-issue of Loreens album Heal (digital release).

The interval was Northern Lights by Kleerup, also released digitally.

The second semi opened with a piece called Urban Orchestra, but as far as I know it hasn't been released.
The interval was by popular Swedish artists Darin and Agnes Carlsson, the latter of course scored a huge international hit with Release Me in 2009 / 2010.

And some more: interesting links outside the Malmö Collection:
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The link between 2013 and 2014, photo by Jorchr, wikipedia.
SVT, the Swedish broadcaster.
DR, the Danish broadcaster
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