Russia - What If ? - Dina Garipova

5 - 174 pts / 2 - 156 pts in semi 1

Russia has decided on sending The Voice winner Dina Garipova (Дина Гарипова) to Malmö with the song What If, written by Gabriel Alares, Joakim Bjornberg and Leonid Gutkin.

A new version was recorded for Eurovision, watch and listen here at TV1. or here at Dina's website.

You can still listen to the original What If here at  TV1.

What If (new version and karaoke) are now available through Amazon

What If - Eurovision version
What If - Karaoke
- both digital releases
What If - Original version

A promo cds in a calender was issued, details wanted.

Netherlands sales top 100: 100, 51, -
German top 100: 78, -
Switzerland top 75: 75, -

links and sources
Dina Garipova`website in Russian and English
Dina's  FB  and VK
TV1 news (in Russian)
Thanks to Jean-François.

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