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Germany - Cascada - Glorious in the charts, UK remixes, Best Of and Acoustic Sessions. Afrikaans/Tsonga cover.
Belarus - Alyona Lanskaya, 'new' song is Solayoh, remixes released, Solayoh The Album out now. Afrikaans/Yuroba cover.
Denmark Wins Eurovision 2013 - DMGP CD, Emmelie De Forest  Album and versions update. coverversions updated
Hungary 10t- 2CD out now, ByeAlex to Malmö. Swedish bit version   out now, English version: One for Me, Szörpoholista, the Album out now! 2014 Eisenhower coverversion.
Bulgaria - Elitsa and Stoyan, now it's Samo Shampioni, Bulgarian Champions, the album out in Januari. March.
Netherlands 9th - Anouk's Birds, cdsingle, Sad Singalong Songs out now, Vinyl LP  #1 hit, Birds charts in Belgium! Live Birds Released!
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Slovenia - Hannah is the one, Straight Into Love, updates, Remix released on December 10.
Iceland - CD Out Now! Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson, new version, remix updates
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Georgia - Sopho and Nodiko's Waterfall. Knockout coverversion from SA.
Moldova - Aliona Moon's A Million, Pasha trades trumpet for piano, version update
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San Marino -  Fly with Valentina: English version, promo details, New Remixes, La Storia Di Valentina Monetta CD out now.
Finland - UMK CD. Krista Siegfrids proposes, Ding Dong out May 10
Macedonia - Esma and Lozano, Empire collapsed, new song, English version, remix, Lozano ditches Esma for solo version.
Israel - Kdamfestivalen! Moran Mazor to Malmö, album and new version, update
Latvia - Listen to the songs, PeR: Here We Go! Russian version video
Shopping: The official releases in the shops updated
Armenia - Dorians. Lonely Planet by Black Sabbath guitarist, remix
Bits and pieces, Avicii BB, intervals, important links, trivia.
Montenegro - Nina Žižić joins Who See, download Igranka. New promo details, magazine issue cds
Azerbaijan 2nd place, semi final winner - Farid Mammadov, remixes, Farids fitness, Turkish version Dönsen, updates
Switzerland - Off with those uniforms! CD with Salvation Armies from all over Europe out now, Europe United version, Estonian cover
The official CD  digital  Bonus edition, Sarah Dawn Finer's Winner.
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Italy - L'essenziale - Marco Mengoni

7 - 126 pts / not in semi
Sanremo 2013 winner Marco Mengoni represents Italy at the Malmö contest.
On March 18 it was announced that the Eurovision song chosen is L'essenziale (The Essential).

L'essenziale, written by Mengoni with Roberto Casalino and Francesco de Benedittis is the winner of this years Sanremo contest (the 63rd edition!).
The Eurovision choice for Mengoni was already made before the Sanremo victory.

A 1-track promo with the original version is issued.
The digital single release shifted over 60.000 copies and reached double platinum status in Italy.

Watch and listen to the full album version here at Mengoni's Youtube

Live CD 2016

L'essenziale - Album version / Sanremo version
- on CD #PRONTOACORRERE, digital single, promo cds
L'essenziale - Eurovision edit
- on the official Malmö CD, still too long for the contest. The version performed at Eurovision is unreleased.
L'essenziale - Karaoke Eurovision edit (actually instrumental)
- on official karaoke collection (digital release)
L'essenziale - Live (2013, from concert)
Incomparable - Spanish version
- on V.A. CD Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa - Volumen 5, 2014 release
L'essenziale - Live 2016
- on CD Marco Mengoni Live (2016)
L'essenziale - Live 2019
- on ltd edition 2CD Atlantico / On Tour
digital release image Italy
2014: Spanish version
Incomparable is the title of a Spanish version recorded by Marco Mengoni.
Update: Incomparable is now realeased as a digital single in Spand and Italy.
The track was first  released on the 2CD Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa - Volumen 5, out on Legacy records in Spain on Januari 31. Also released digitally.
More details here at Amazon Spain
Spanish EP
The four tracks Mengoni recorded in Spanish have also been released as a digital EP (iTunes).

Special thanks to Jean-François

L'Essenziale and the other Sanremo song Bellissimo are released on Mangoni's new album #PRONTOACORRERE. 
By the end of 2013 three editions of the album were released.
All have the same 15 tracks, but a special edition has an extra DVD titled #DIARIODIUNSOGNO (Diary of a dream) with backstage footage of Mengoni's Sanremo adventures. (Picture sleeve with the red stripes).
(Sony 88765470482 and 88765491622)
Deluxe iTunes version has two extra tracks. Two songs from the album in English versions (but not L'Essenziale).
In januari 2014 the album is back in the top 10. It was a #1 (only on the first week on chart though)  and spent 40 weeks (and counting) in the Italian album charts. In december the album reached double platinum status with over 120.000 copies sold.

2014: The Spanish album
#PRONTOACORRERE is released in Spain in a new version now including the Spanish version of L'Essenziale (Incomparable) and a few other tracks in Spanish. Out on June 10 (RCA).

Marco, the Movie
The third version of the #PRONTOACORRERE album has two CDs: next to the original CD (with the two English bonus tracks included now) there's a live version of the album with the tracks in the same order. So L'Essenziale and Bellissimo are also included in their live versions. This 3-disc set also includes the Diario film, but with added extracts from the Il Viaggio film/concert. Also includes some Malmö footage.
(RCA / Sony 08837981125)
The November 12 release tied in with the release of #PRONTOACORRERE the movie, in Italian cinema's from November 6.

2016 Another live version was released on the CD Marco Mengoni Live (Sony 2016). This was released as a 2CD and a deluxe version with DVD. An even more deluxe version has 4 CDs and a DVD and a superdeluxe version in a special case has 4 CDs and 2 DVD's.
And then there's a 3LP version too.

2019 A new live album, Atlantico / On Tour means a new live version of L'Essenziale.
The limited edition 2CD includes it as the last track, although it's mostly the audience doing the singing.

the 2019 live album

Marco Mengoni
Marco Mengoni shot to fame in Italy in 2009 when he won the 3rd season of X-Factor.
He scored four top 10 hits including #1 hit Dove Si Vola in 2009.
His San Remo debut was in 2010 when he ended 3rd with Credimi Ancora.
After a few EP releases his first studio album Solo 2.0 shot straight to #1 in the Italian album charts in 2011.

The digital single release of L'Essenziale has already been a #1 hit in Italy since Mengoni won San Remo.
Italy digital singles top 10: 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 3, 7, 9, -
Switzerland top 75: 36, 59, -, re: 54
Netherlands sales top 100: 69
Spain top 50: 44, 43
German top 100: 79
Austria top 75: 60

Sanremo 2013
All (14) artists in the established artists competition performed two songs, one of them proceding to the final. Bellissimo, written by Gianna Naninni and Pacifo was Marco Mengoni's second song at San Remo.
Italy's return star Rafael Gualazzi (2011) performed Sai (Ci basta Un Sogno) in the final and ended 5th.

A 2CD titled Sanremo 2013 is released through Warner Music Italy. It has 13* final songs (including L'Essenziale), the 8 young artists songs and a few bonus tracks.
* The Moda song is not not included,

links and sources:
RAI San Remo pages
Marco Mengoni website and FB
Thanks to Jean-François

Italy's recent entries
2012 - Nina Zilli
2011 - Rafael Gualazzi

Emmelie De Forest wins Eurovision 2013

1 - 281 pts / 1 - 167 pts in semi 1

Congratulations Denmark
Denmark won the 58th Eurovision Song Contest.
With 281 points Emmelie stayed well ahead of the competition.

The song is written by Lise Cabble, Julia Fabrin -Jakobsen and Thomas Stengaard.

Lise Cabble is one of the writers of the 2011 entry New Tomorrow by A Friend In London. (5th place) and she also co-wrote Fra Mols Til Skägen, the 1995 Danish entry for Aud Wilken.

Digital release image
In the digital days where cdsingles and even overpriced promotional issues are becoming a rarity it's hard times for the avid Eurovision collectors.
Luckily the winner is released on cdsingle this year, Official release date is June 14, but it varied in some territories. So we can at least keep our collection of winners singles complete.
The cdsingle (top picture) includes the Eurovision version and the instrumental version..
(Sony / Universal SME-8888374-6702)
Update: The cdsingle is also released in Taiwan (It's the same EU made cds but with OBI strip on the case).

A German 1-track Sony promo is also issued. It comes with a picture sleeve inlay with the same pic as the digital release image.

Beware: The Greece made cdsingle offered on e-bay including, remixes, live versions is not the genuine article, just bad quality rips stuck onto a cdr. Avoid !!

Two remixes have been released through digital sources (see versions list) and even more have appeared on a promo cds.

There's also a five track remix EP (digital release) by Forrest DJ. I don't know if it's Emmelie singing, but it sure sounds like it.
Only Teardrops - BBob & Rocksteadi radio edit
Only Teardrops - BBob & Rocksteadi remix
Only Teardrops - Smithee mix edit
Only Teardrops - Smithee mix
Only Teardrops - Mr Clone mix
Out through Under Cover Music.

Go Here for the Malmö Collection latest updates page.

Only Teardrops, the album
Emmelie signed with Universal for her debut album. The release date of the album including Only Teardrops in two versions is may 6. There's also a track called Teardrops Ouverture, which is a short instrumental version of Only Teardrops opening the album. See tracklist below.
An acoustic version of Only Teardrops is also recorded.

Pic nicked from Emmelie's facebook
Only Teardrops - MGP / Eurovision version
on CD Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2013 and official Malmö 2CD
Only Teardrops - instrumental
- named karaoke but actually instrumental,  on CD Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2013 
Only Teardrops - Karaoke version
- karaoke on official karaoke collection (digital release)
Only Teardrops - Symphonic version
- on Emmelie De Forest CD
Teardrops Ouverture - Short instrumental
- on Emmelie De Forest CD

Picture from Discogs
Only Teardrops - Kongsted remix
Only Teardrops - Kongsted remix radio edit
- digital release for the Kongsted remixes
Only Teardrops - Kongsted remix radio edit PA version
Only Teardrops - Kongsted  PA version
Only Teardrops - Kongsted instrumental
- all five Kongsted remixes on promo cds (Sony music)

An acoustic version is recorded, but so far it 's not released, except for a live video version.

Emmelie enters the Danish charts at #2 the week after the DMGP. She finally gets to #1 (on re-entry) after the victory.
Danish Tracklisten top 40: 2, 2, 5, 17, 22, 25, 37, -, re: 1, 1, 4, 9, 21, 22, 10, 32, 35, 37, - re-entry 2014: 33
Netherlands sales top 100: 36, 4, 17, 31, 47, 55, 63, 64, 74, 78, 94, -
UK top 100: 99, 15, 81, -  (and one week 135 in top 200 after the CPH contest)
Belgium top 50 (Flanders): 13, 11, 21, 27, 32, 38, -
Belgium top 50 (Wallonia): 36, 26, -
Austria top 75: 63, 7, 24, 31, 42, 52, 66, -
Sweden top 60: 3, 3, 3, 7, 12, 14, 19, 24, 26, 28, 39, 42, 47, -
Ireland top 100: 5, 34, 88, -
Spain top 50: 14, 8, 33, -
Finland top 20: 17, -
France combined* top 100: 79, 92, -
Germany top 100: 5, 18, 26, 30, 23, 23, 26, 26, 31, 32, 34, 39, 45, 53, 59, 65, 74, 91, -
Switzerland top 75: 3, 34, 43, 63, 74, -
Norway top 20: 9, 19, -
Finland top 20: 17, -
Australia top 100: 47, -
Only Teardrops also charts in various charts in Greece, Cyprus, Iceland, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Slovenia.
* Combines digital and physical sales, there's also a digital only chart.

The Album - tracklist
01 Teardrops Overture
02 Hunter & Prey
03 Change
04 Only Teardrops
05 What Are You Waiting for
06 Haunted Heart
07 Force of Nature
08 Beat the Speed of Sound
09 Soldier of Love
10 Running in My Sleep
11 Let It Fall
12 Only Teardrops (Symphonic Version)
(Universal Music Denmark 0602537387359)

Coverversions competition
Emmelie organized a coverversions competition through her facebook page.
Many people uploaded their versions of Only Teardrops through the tube.
The best coverversions can be seen here at DR, the rest are on this Youtube playlist.

Heavy Metal Teardrops
German loud guys Craving have released a heavy metal version on their new album At Dawn. Out October 11 on Apostasy Records. It seems the CD also exists without Only Teardrops, so beware before you buy.

Kids Party Up! are a Russian metal band, although they call it post-hardcore/electronic. You can download their version of Only Teardrops here.
It's included on some shady compilation Russian Covers vol 1. with 25 metal covers of pop hits, but it's not on their own new album.

Metal band Five Grams Of Perfection have released their cover version of Only Teardrops.
You can listen at their Youtube or buy at amazon.

Not so loud Emotion For Me feat Lyxia recorded five versions of the song, plus five versions instrumental. Available through several digital sources.

The people at Almighty have covered Eurovision songs before, clubbing them up heavily. (For example Jade's It's My Time and Josh Dubovie's That Sounds Good To Me). This time Jamie Knight is the singer and Only Teardrops comes in an Almight radio edit and an Almighty Club Mix plus some dubs. Available digitally at most well known sources.
More details at Almighty's website.

A dance coverversion was recorded by Lamony. Four versions can be bought through most digital sources.
Imitation coverversions are also popping up. Digital releases under various names often are the same version.

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2013
The DMGP CD with all preselection songs and their karaoke versions is out since Januari 25, one day before the Danish final was held. . It's also available through the regular digital sources.
(Sony music SME-8876544-1832)

There was one returning Eurovision star among the 2013 participants, (Niels) Brinck (2009) performed the song Human, but he didn't make it to the top three. (results 4 to 10 remain undisclosed).

links and sources
DR Grand Prix pages
Emmelie de Forest website
Emmelie's (new) FB
Thanks to Alette Castenschiold at DR
Thanks to Eva DeWall at Sony Denmark.
DMGP 2013 at Bearecords

Denmarks latest hits
2012 - Soluna Samay
2011 - A Friend In London
2010 - Chanee and N'Evergreen
2009 - Brinck

Malmö 2013: Some links and bits and pieces and stuff

The Must Have Malmö Manual now available
Only Teardrops - Emmelie's winner page

Opening / Interval acts
Three contests means a lot of opening and interval acts.
The final opened with Avicii & B & B and choir with the anthem We Write The Story.
The track has been released in digital format in two versions
We Write The Story - full version (6.34)
We Write The Story - edited version (4.05)
The long version is also included on the bonus edition of the official album with all the entries (digital).

ABB in the charts
Netherlands sales top 100: 73, -

Sarah Dawn Finers version of The Winner Takes It All has also been released through all the regular digital stores.
Swedish Smörgåsbord, the piece de resistance by host Petra Mede has not been released.
Petra Mede, Malmö's host. Website
And if you want more Carola, check out BeaRecords

The first semi opened with Loreen and her kids with their 2013 version of Euphoria. The same version was also performed in this years MF. Euphoria 2013 and its instrumental version have been released digitally. More details here at Loreens Baku page.
Loreen also returned for the final where she performed a medley of new song We Got The Power, 2011 MF hit My Heart Is Refusing Me and of course Euphoria.
We Got The Power is released as Loreens new single (digital) and can also be found on the 2013 re-issue of Loreens album Heal (digital release).

The interval was Northern Lights by Kleerup, also released digitally.

The second semi opened with a piece called Urban Orchestra, but as far as I know it hasn't been released.
The interval was by popular Swedish artists Darin and Agnes Carlsson, the latter of course scored a huge international hit with Release Me in 2009 / 2010.

And some more: interesting links outside the Malmö Collection:
ESCtracker has the latest on the Eurovision songs in the iTunes charts
What's your top 39? This gadget will help you decide.
The link between 2013 and 2014, photo by Jorchr, wikipedia.
SVT, the Swedish broadcaster.
DR, the Danish broadcaster
Also check the other collections websites
Find us on facebook too.
And of course there's Eurocovers

United Kingdom - Believe In Me - Bonnie Tyler

19 - 23 pts / not in semi
The United Kingdom is represented in Malmö at the 58th Eurovision Song Contest by Bonnie Tyler.
The song is Believe In Me, written by Desmond Child, Lauren Christy and Christopher Braide

Believe In Me can be found on Bonnie's new album Rocks and Honey which is already out in Germany (ZYX music ZYX 21010-2).
U.K. release date is planned for May 6.

The cdsingle of Believe In Me is out now in Germany. (ZYX 1085-8).
The cdsingle includes two versions of Believe In Me plus one other song from the album: Stubborn.

Believe In Me (Eurovision edit) is released in the U.K. and Ireland on March 14, for now digital only through iTunes and the lot.
The Eurovision edit is the same as the radio edit.
Thanks to anonymous e-mailer.

The Eurovision edit has also been issued on a 1-track promo cds in the U.K..

Remixes by Blutonium Boy and Matty Menk are made. You can listen here at the BBC or here at Blupile.
An digital release on iTunes  you includes two versions.
1. Believe in Me (Blutonium Boy & Matty Menk Radio Mix) (4:30)
2. Believe in Me (Blutonium Boy & Matty Menk Club Mix) (6:49)
Both mixes are also out on DJ cds and digital DJ sources like Juno.
Earlier this year Blu Boy (short for Blutonium boy) released remixes of Bonnie's hit Holding Out For A Hero. (check these out at Juno)

Believe In Me - Album version
Believe In Me - Radio edit / Eurovision edit
- both on cdsingle and album, on Malmö 2CD
Believe In Me - Blutonium Boy and Matty Menk Radio edit
- on DJ 3CD Ultimate DJ Pack: Dance hits (CDPool)
Believe In Me - Blutonium Boy and Matty Menk Club Mix
- on DJ CD DMC Dance mixes 86 APRIL 2013 (DMC)
Believe In Me - karaoke
- on the official karaoke collection (digital release)

UK top 100: 93, -

Rocks And Honey Tracks
1. This Is Gonna Hurt (next single tbr in August)
2. Sunshine
3. Believe In Me
4. What You Need From Me (with Vince Gill)
5. Crying
6. Little Superstar
7. Flat On The Floor
8. All I Ever Wanted
9. Stubborn (also by BIM composers)
10. Love Is The Knife
11. Lord Help Me
12. Mom'
13. You Try
14. Believe In Me (Radio Edit)

With Bonnie Tyler (born Gaynor Hopkins) the U.K. continues their path of internally selecting an artist with an impressive back catalogue of hits.
Bonnie Tylers first hit was her 2nd single Lost In France in 1976, a U.K. #9 that also scored in Germany, Sweden, Netherlands and Austria. (But not in France, where it got lost).
A few singles later It's A Heartache became her 2nd best selling hit scoring a #1 in France, Sweden and Norway and reaching the top 10 in many other countries, including a U.S. #9.

It took 4 years and 14 singles to get to 1981's Total Eclipse Of The Heart, Bonnie's biggest hit penned by Jim Steinman (of Meatloaf fame) that was a #1 at home, in the U.S., Canada, France and Norway.
Many more singles followed and several were hits in various countries. She's especially popular in Germany where she scored 22 hits.
Bonnie Tyler released over 70 singles and almost 20 albums (excluding compilations)
Other popular hits were Holding Out For A Hero (From Footloose) and A Rockin' Good Way (With Shakin' Stevens).

Total Eclipse Of The Heart was given a dance make-over in 1993 by later Eurovision singer Nicki French (Don't Play That Song Again, Stockholm 2000). Her version became a massive hit in 1994 including a #1 in Japan, Brasil and Canada plus a #2 hit in the U.S.. It was a U.K. #5 after being re-issued in 1995.

There's a bit on some stellar Total Eclipses here at the Eurocovers post Beam Me Up Bonnie!

The songwriters:
The achievements of American songwriter Desmond Child are best summed up by a few of the stars he (co) wrote (and produced) hits for: Kiss (I Was Made For Loving You), Bon Jovi (Livin'On A Prayer, You Give Love A Bad Name), Cher, Aerosmith (Dude Looks Like A Lady, Crazy), Joan Jett, Alice Cooper (Poison), Roxette, Robbie Williams, Hanson, Ricky martin (Livin' La Vida Loca), Eurovision star Sakis Rouvas, Meat Loaf, Mika and on, even Micahel Bolton.
He already wrote songs for Bonnie's 1986 album Secret Dreams And Forbidden Fire.
Lauren Christy worked with Christina Aguilera, Hillary Duff, Avril Lavigne, Britney, Shakira McFly and more.
Christopher Braide's cellphone has the number of Kylie, Christina Aguilera, Lana Del Rey, David Guetta, JLS, Pixie Lott, Olly Murs, Eurovision stars Brian Kennedy and Lara Fabian, Spice Girls Posh and Baby, and Paloma Faith.

links and sources
BBC Eurovision pages
Bonnie Tyler website and FB
Thanks to Lior

Recent entries from the U.K.
2012 - Engelbert Humperdinck
2011 - Blue
2010 - Josh Dubovie
2009 - Jade Ewen

Serbia - Ljubav Je Svuda - Moje 3

Pic from RTS
11 - 46 pts in semi 1

The final of Beosong 2013 was won by Moje 3 (My 3) and their song Ljubav Je Svuda (Љубав је свуда, Love is everywhere) is the entry for Malmö.
Moje 3 are Mirna Radulović, Nevena Božović, Sara Jovanović, the top three of the Serbian talent show Prvi Glas Srbije (The Voice of Serbia).
The song is written by Saša Milošević Mare with lyrics by Marina Tucaković. Lyrics for the English version are by Chanoa Chen and Dunja Vujadinović

The official video features a new version of the song, the original version can still be downloaded (see below)

You can watch the video here.

Promo sleeve
There are be eight versions of the song on the promo cds, but you can already download nine versions at RTS. The English version is titled Love Is All Around Us.
The latest updated versions are here at RTS (wave files).

You can still download the original studio version of Ljubav Je Svuda in the collection of 15 songs from Beosong 2013 here at RTS (wave file). The single file on the same page is now replaced with the new version.
You'll also find a link on the same page to download pictures from the TV shows, info and video.

Ljubav Je Svuda - ESC version / Official version (Zvanična verzija)
- also on official Malmö 2CD.
Ljubav Je Svuda - first version
Ljubav Je Svuda - Pop Rok Verzija
Ljubav Je Svuda - Karaoke
Ljubav Je Svuda - Instrumental with Ksenija Milošević* on violin (Ballad version)
Love Is All Around Us - Official version (Zvanična verzija) in English
Love Is All Around Us - Pop Rok version
Love Is All Around Us - Ballad version
Love Is All Around Us - Karaoke of Pop Rok version
- all available at RTS, check above for various links.

* Violinist Ksenija Milošević also recorded the instrumental versions of the 2007 Serbian winner Molitva, and Bosnia Hercegovina 2011 entry Love In Rewind. As a part of the vocal group Beauty Queens she can be heard on several Eurovision entries, most notably Molitva.
Milošević also played violin on the Serbian 2012 entry and sang backing vocals on Leijla by Hari Mata Hari (Bosnia-Hercegovina's 2006 entry).

Beosong 13
Serbia selected their entry in the Beosong 2013 competition.
You can find the list of songs here at RTS.
The first round with 15 songs was on March 2, five proceeded to the final on March 3.

RTS Beosong logo
links and sources:
RTS Eurovision pages
Special thanks to Tanja Šikić at RTS.
Thanks to Lior

Serbia's recent entries
2012 - Željko Joksimović
2011 - Nina
2010 - Milan Stanković
2009 - Marko Kon and Milaan

Azerbaijan - Farid Mammadov - Hold Me

Digital release image
2 - 234 pts
/ 1 - 139 pts in semi 2

Last years Eurovision hosts Azerbaijan is represented by the winner of the many-week Milli Seçim Turu casting competition which already started in december.

The winner is Farid Mammadov (Fərid Məmmədov) with the song Hold Me written by Dimitrios Kontopoulos with lyrics by John Ballard and Ralph Charlie.

Hold Me is available through digital sources, also as karraoke.

Dönsen digital release image
Four remixes and a Turkish version Dönsen (Get back) can now be heard through Farid's Soundcloud.
Listen here (download function has been disabled now for most versions)

In the reverbnation gadget below you can download the Turkish version and Babaeff Dark Remix (just click on the song on choose download).

All versions have also been released through digital stores.

Promo info, more details wanted.
A DVD in cardsleeve has four versions of Hold Me (as mp3's) plus video from the national final, photos and info. It appears to come in different sleeves.
- Hold Me - original
- Hold Me - Alex Matthew remix
- Hold Me - DJ Sukhoj official remix
- Hold Me - Babaeff Dark remix
The same DVD in a calender style press folder has been issued as well.
First promo disc has one version plus info and photos.
A cd-r issued by Spectre has two tracks, details wanted.
Another promo item is a USB stick in a tin. It includes the same content as the above DVD.
Made by Euromedia company.

Amazon offers a cdsingle for sale, but it is in fact a cd-r made on request. I don't know the source.

digital release image
Hold Me - original
Hold Me - Karaoke
- digital releases
Hold Me - Alex Matthew remix
Hold Me - DJ Sukhoj official extended remix
Hold Me - DJ Sukhoj official remix
Hold Me - Babaeff Dark remix
- all remixes at Farids soundcloud
Dönsen - Türkçe versiyon (Turkish version)
- at Farids soundcloud, digital release


Netherlands sales top 100: 92
Switzerland top 75: 73

Fit With Farid
To kill the time until Eurovision, you can do some exercising with Farids Capoeira videos he's uploading to his Youtube channel.
quote: "Be the first to tell your friends, Hey, I'm working out with Farid every day!"

links and sources
Ictimai's Eurovision newspage (in Azerbaijani)
Farid at Eurovision talents
Farid at Reverbnation
Thanks to Jean-François
Thanks to Bastiaan

Azerbaijan's recent Eurovision entries.
2012 - Sabina Babayeva
2011 - Ell and Nikki
2010 - Safura
2009 - Aysel and Arash
Read all about Azerbaijans first four entries (including 2008) here at the Baku Collection, with release details, picture sleeves, chart info and other important trivia.

The Must Have Malmö Manual

The yearly edition of the Eurosong News Eurovision handbook is out now.
As usual it's a must have accessory for every Eurovision fans coffee table.
It's hours of reading fun, or just a great quick fact reference book for the 2013 contest.
The A5 120 page glossy extravaganza includes biographies, song info, fab pictures and details on the national finals.

The Malmö handbook is now available at BeaRecords bookdepartement

Special Thanks To Ivor Lyttle at OGAE

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